Taylor Swift, AMA Artist of the Year: Thanks the fans, the fans and also, the fans! The 60 Minutes interview!

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Hello Taylor Nation!

The Outspoken One won everything she was nominated for tonight. Taylor wins Country Female Favorite Artist, Best Country Album for Speak Now and Artist of the Year on the 2011 American Music Awards. She even got a thank you from Nicky Minaj as she picked up her Best Hip-Hop Rap Artist and later as she received the Best Hip-Hop/Rap Album award from the Blonde With The Sparkly Guitar.

She also appeared on 60 Minutes with Leslie Stahl. Several of the 60MinutesOvertime.com segments were not included in the show. Make sure you watch:

Here’s the T-Swizzle winning Favorite Country Female Artist:

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Here’s the Sparkly Dressed accepting her Best Country Album for Speak Now:

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And here’s the Enchantress accepting her Artist of the Year!

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And finally, if you missed it, here’s the 60 Minutes interview.

Watch on 60 Minutes

Thanks to @TSwiftOnTour and @_Jencita_ for the video links and a big shoutout to @SteveDitch for the high speed internet connection!

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Coming up in the Calendar!

  • November 21: The Speak Now World Tour CD+DVD is available in stores.
  • November 21: New York, New York at Madison Square Garden. Sold Out.
  • November 22: New York, New York at Madison Square Garden. Sold Out.
  • December 2: 2011 Billboard Women in Music ceremony in New York City. Taylor will receive the Women of the Year award.
  • December 5: The American Country Awards air live from Las Vegas on the FOX network. The Sparkly Dressed is up for Artist of the Year, Artist of the Year Female, Album of the Year for Speak Now, Single of the Year Female for Mean, Touring Headline Package of the Year and Music Video Female for Back To December.

(Sources: 2011 American Music Awards, CBS News)

10 thoughts on “Taylor Swift, AMA Artist of the Year: Thanks the fans, the fans and also, the fans! The 60 Minutes interview!

  1. Taylor is too much. She couldn’t believe she won Artist of the Year. I actually saw a tweet by some idiot who thinks she was faking. No way. She definitely wasn’t expecting Artist of the Year. Couldn’t happen to a nicer person though. Great to see her get all of these awards.

  2. Someone messed up on the video for Artist of the Year. They cut out some of the beginning. The best part is when Taylor was sitting in her seat not expecting to win at all and that isn’t there. They didn’t even show the part where the list who is up for the award.

  3. I wish 60 minutes hadn’t cut off the parts that they had previews of. They were so awesome, and I really thought they were going somewhere with the one about drinking and drugs. *sigh* Oh well. Thank you much for yet another great blog!! 🙂

    1. 60 Minutes needed to spend the full hour on Taylor. Did you see their Overtime part that has more coverage though? It’s about 15 minutes more of video. The biggest problem with 60 Minutes is they have three stories on. They don’t cover anything long enough.

      1. yes i saw the overtime, and i really loved it, but i agree with you. the full hour needed to be for taylor. with no commercials, lol.

      2. I just hope people who aren’t Taylor fans at least saw something to make them give her a chance. I’m not a normal Taylor fan. I’m 48. Most people my age think she’s for teenage girls. I don’t get that at all. Her early songs might have been but her newer songs are great for anyone. People need to wake up and give something new a chance. It’s not that Taylor needs more fans though but I think a lot of people are missing out on good music.

  4. I see there’s a new video on here with all three of Taylor’s awards. Great. And the Artist of the Year isn’t missing the start. I can’t figure out why someone cut out so much on that video.

    1. The great video didn’t last long. If ABC News doesn’t want someone else posting the video why not at least do it themselves? I can’t find it on their site.

      1. It wasn’t your fault though. You put up a great video with all three awards in one video. And ABC got it taken down. Their video of Taylor winning Artist of the Year is bad. They cut out the first minute or so. They missed a lot of what made the video good.

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