Come morning light… Taylor Swift’s New Year goals!

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Hello Taylor Nation!

The Outspoken One may be turning an unexpected leaf… but don’t be sure she’s ready for a change of image or a radical shift in her career. She’s going to try some new directions on her collaborations that she’s not tried before.

“I think my goal for the next couple of years would be to make departures in little ways and do things a little differently,” the Sparkly Dressed told the Associated Press, “and try to maintain a balance between always providing your fans with what they’ve always liked from you and continuing to write all my own songs, but I’d love to make collaborations in different directions that aren’t exactly expected.”

(Source: Taylor Swift)

Here at the Swift Agency, one guy who’s spending New Year’s at the beach, we know this doesn’t mean all of Taylor’s songs are going to have the folk sound of Safe And Sound which has a strong influence from The Civil Wars. It just means that with each collaboration, the Queen of Sparks is experimenting further. The cool thing is going to be what to expect for the fourth album of the Blonde With The Sparkly Guitar on the collaborations front.

This might be my last entry this year, so I want to take the chance to wish you and all your loved ones a happy and Sparkly New Year’s 🙂 See you in 2012!

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Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays :)


Season’s greetings Taylor Nation! 🙂

On these dates, a lot of people get together as a family. That means a lot of traveling, a lot of stress, and you deal with relatives that love to tell you how fat/skinny/tall/little/old/single you are. You’ll need a lot of patience.

Soon enough there will be a meal and gifts. Among all the spending, you’ll remember there’s a little more to these dates and help out. If you can help out those in need, please do. If you can’t at least help out around the house. I’m not going to bug you too much with that. You know Christmas must mean something more.

If I could make one wish for all the craziness that happens in the world would be to try to focus more on the things we all have in common rather than our differences. Other than that, try to be a happy person, don’t drive your family crazy (it’s a short ride), get off the Internet and go give someone a hug.

Have a Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays one and all 🙂

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Safe and Sound: Taylor Swift and The Civil Wars’ new song for The Hunger Games!

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Hello Taylor Nation!

The Hunger Games is a young adult novel, that later became a series, written by Suzanne Collins. It has been made into a movie. The Sparkly Dressed and The Civil Wars, the folk duo of Joy Williams and John Paul White, collaborate on the song Safe And Sound that will be featured in the movie’s soundtrack. The song is a folk ballad, which makes me think it’s not only a performance but a written collaboration of the Outspoken One and The Civil Wars (both Joy and John Paul write all their own songs). It’s a really different song from anything we’ve heard from Taylor up until now.

The single is available now on iTunes US and iTunes Canada.

It all started with Tay teasing her Twitter followers before letting them know:!/taylorswift13/status/150071092004925441

Shortly she dropped another hint:!/taylorswift13/status/150072594324922369

And finally she just came out and said it:!/taylorswift13/status/150092254059560961

Go get the song on iTunes US / iTunes Canada. She sounds incredible on this performance. Joy Williams and John Paul White are both consummate vocalists, so the harmony of all three voices merged together sounds amazing. More on The Civil Wars at their own website.

Update: According to the song’s own metadata, the composers are Taylor Swift, Joy Williams, John Paul White & T Bone Burnett.

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The well-mannered, top-earning and SNL-spoofed Taylor Swift!

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Hello Taylor Nation!

The National League of Junior Cotillions is an organization that prides in etiquette, ethics and manners. Once a year, they release a list of the ten best mannered people. To quote their site, “The major criteria for selections is that the indvidual has been an outstanding role model of good manners and exemplary behavior during the current year.” Unfortunately, they haven’t updated the list from this year on their site yet… Just saying. Not being impolite or anything. No, we don’t send ninjas to hit people with guitars to get them to vote for Taylor. That must be some other guy.

According to and The Boot, Taylor Swift figures at the fifth position on the list. At the top of the list is the royal newlywed Duchess of Cambridge, Kate Middleton.

The Sparkly Dressed rates second in Forbes Top Earning Women according to the business magazine. She earned $45 million, with best friend and potential kitty-napper Katy Perry trailing her with $44 million. The overall top earner is Lady Gaga with $90 million. True, but does she have a cat? Ha! Ok, just kidding. You can read more on the story at

Watch on

The Outspoken One was among the many celebrities spoofed by Saturday Night Live on December 17, during a skit with Michael Buble singing duets with several of the SNL cast impersonating celebrities. The Enchantress was played by Kristen Wiig, complete with guitar and mimicking Tay’s look of surprise. It was all in good fun and pretty tame, I believe T-Swizzle would approve.

Unfortunately, I can’t embed that video. You can see it if you follow this link at or just click on the pic, but you must be in the US to watch it. You probably can find on YouTube but I don’t want to post it and get somebody’s account closed.

To make up for it, here’s Charlie Worsham singing at 12th and Porter in Nashville back in July 2011. See, this time I post it without Liz being in the video. I had no hidden motive whatsoever! Ok, who am I kidding. Liz Huett is in the video. You got me.

Watch on YouTube

A big wave hello to @_Jencita_ for letting us know about the clip!

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Holiday wishes and greetings from the Outspoken One :)

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Hello Taylor Nation! That’s Tay with Meredith on a lazy Sunday afternoon.

The Sparkly Dressed talked to People and took the chance to send some wishes to her fans and friends. “I hope that they’re happy, wherever they are … they feel loved by the people around them,” said the Blonde With The Sparkly guitar. “And most of all I hope they feel appreciated by me. My life would look nothing like this without them.”

The Queen of Sparks, who’s happy to have released her own Wonderstruck fragrance this year, revealed her Nashville holiday uniform is basically sweaters, jeans and boots.

She revealed these days she’s doing some Christmas shopping. “I like to get my friends gifts that show that I really know them,” explains T-Swizzle. “If one of my friends says something about wanting something, I’ll write it down and get that for them for Christmas.”

As for gifts for herself, the Enchantress wouldn’t mind a pasta maker, antique picture frames and anything from Free People or Anthropologie. You can read the full story on

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