Behind The Scenes of Ours: Webisode eleven! Guess who turns out to be nice!

Hello Taylor Nation!

Welcome to webisode eleven! Thanks to Taste of Country, we get yet another Behind The Scenes look at Ours to learn some breaking news: the Queen of Sparks is pretty easygoing and very nice to be around with. Ok, perhaps not breaking news. Perhaps everyone and their cat already knew that. Well, we get to see the Sparkly Dressed collaborating and smiling.

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Did anybody else saw the Outspoken One cracking up at the banana guy a mile away? That sigh she lets out after being asked about whether she should write in the same post-it note or a different one does make it seem like that was a topic that was discussed a bit too long. I’m glad to see those sides of her, not perfect but human 🙂

Two more episodes to go. I want two things: An expose on banana guy, some extra footage with Meredith the cat and Taylor finding the darn printer/copier and hitting it with her umbrella. Make that three things. I’ll settle for Meredith.

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You can read more on the video at Taste of Country.

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(Source: Taste of Country)

One thought on “Behind The Scenes of Ours: Webisode eleven! Guess who turns out to be nice!

  1. Only two parts left. When do we get the Banana Guy episode? 🙂

    I just read on Tuesday the 8th top topic on Twitter was Happy Birthday Taylor. Not bad. On iTunes Ours was the #1 music video sold for the 13th. Great to see everyone supporting Taylor like that.

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