Behind The Scenes of Ours: Webisode ten! Those moments are what makes it all worth it.

Hello Taylor Nation!

Taste of Country gives us webisode ten of the Behind The Scenes look at Ours. In this episode, Taylor battles ninjas. Ok, no she doesn’t but that would’ve been cool too. The video message is the Sparkly Dressed reminiscing about love, namely one that was commented and criticized by other people.

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“The chorus says a lot of things that I really am proud of, like the line that says: ‘People throw rocks at things that shine.’ The truth of the matter is, happiness isn’t a constant. You get fleeting glimpses of it when the rest of the time, you’re fighting for those moments. But those moments are what makes it all worth it,” says the Blonde With The Sparkly Guitar.

You can read more on the video at Taste of Country.

(Source: Big Machine Records)

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(Source: Taste of Country)