Behind The Scenes of Ours: Webisode twelve! The Office parody :)

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We’re at Webisode 12th! Thanks to Taste of Country, we get the  Behind The Scenes look at Ours with a parody of The Office TV show. We get the story behind the characters and hear from the head of IT, the other head of IT, the guy in charge of receiving… who knows what, the son of the boss and the slacker girl that watches too many cat videos. All in typical takes in the same style from the TV show.

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Of course, the Janitor would have to be the only character that knows the real story of the Outspoken One. The Sparkly Dressed already mentioned he was her only friend in that building. Nobody speaks to the Banana Guy? Aww 😦 But he gets that last word in the video! That is so cool.

You can read more on the video at Taste of Country.

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(Source: Taste of Country)

3 thoughts on “Behind The Scenes of Ours: Webisode twelve! The Office parody :)

  1. I think Taste Of Country goofed. They have this episode up as part 12 but Taylor uploaded another part, not this one. Her site has 12 episodes up and not this one. I bet this is episode 13. If you want to see the whole thing I guess you can go see part 12 on Taylor’s site or YouTube channel and you’ll see all 13 parts.

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