Paul Sidoti gets his own website. Welcome to!

(Credit: Ash Newell, 2010)

Hello Taylor Nation!

Paul Sidoti, is one of The Agency’s guitar players. He’s the fan and former roadie for KISS, the fan of the Eagles and a fan of 80’s rock and roll by excellence. It is only fair he has his own fans as well as being in several bands he keeps as side projects from touring with the Outspoken One and The Agency.

Now he’s got his own website at Go visit! 🙂 If you post your own picture with Paul on his Facebook Page, they’ll put it in the Photo section of his website.

One of his side bands is Tequila Sunrise which is a tribute band to the Eagles and will be playing House of Blues this coming December 29 bringing along his fellow Agency members Mike Meadows and Amos Heller.

Here’s Paul Sidoti along with fellow Agency bandmate Grant Mickelson performing their guitar duel after Better Than Revenge.

Watch on YouTube

You can find more about Paul… well, first of all at his own website,! You can also read his Agency Profile: Paul Sidoti.

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One thought on “Paul Sidoti gets his own website. Welcome to!

  1. I noticed Paul was on Twitter last night (Sunday night) tweeting to the fans. I wonder if he’ll be doing that a lot? Once it gets out he might get thousands of tweets. He gave a clue on how to get a response though.

    “I tend to respond to tweets that are different/interesting.. ;)”

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