The well-mannered, top-earning and SNL-spoofed Taylor Swift!

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Hello Taylor Nation!

The National League of Junior Cotillions is an organization that prides in etiquette, ethics and manners. Once a year, they release a list of the ten best mannered people. To quote their site, “The major criteria for selections is that the indvidual has been an outstanding role model of good manners and exemplary behavior during the current year.” Unfortunately, they haven’t updated the list from this year on their site yet… Just saying. Not being impolite or anything. No, we don’t send ninjas to hit people with guitars to get them to vote for Taylor. That must be some other guy.

According to and The Boot, Taylor Swift figures at the fifth position on the list. At the top of the list is the royal newlywed Duchess of Cambridge, Kate Middleton.

The Sparkly Dressed rates second in Forbes Top Earning Women according to the business magazine. She earned $45 million, with best friend and potential kitty-napper Katy Perry trailing her with $44 million. The overall top earner is Lady Gaga with $90 million. True, but does she have a cat? Ha! Ok, just kidding. You can read more on the story at

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The Outspoken One was among the many celebrities spoofed by Saturday Night Live on December 17, during a skit with Michael Buble singing duets with several of the SNL cast impersonating celebrities. The Enchantress was played by Kristen Wiig, complete with guitar and mimicking Tay’s look of surprise. It was all in good fun and pretty tame, I believe T-Swizzle would approve.

Unfortunately, I can’t embed that video. You can see it if you follow this link at or just click on the pic, but you must be in the US to watch it. You probably can find on YouTube but I don’t want to post it and get somebody’s account closed.

To make up for it, here’s Charlie Worsham singing at 12th and Porter in Nashville back in July 2011. See, this time I post it without Liz being in the video. I had no hidden motive whatsoever! Ok, who am I kidding. Liz Huett is in the video. You got me.

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A big wave hello to @_Jencita_ for letting us know about the clip!

(Source: Big Machine Records)

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(Sources: National League of Junior Cotillions,, The Boot,,

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  1. It might be better if they just say these ten people are the best mannered. I always hear Taylor saying thank you after she sings and everyone claps. Isn’t that part of manners? The order of this list just seems strange. It’s probably not polite to put them in an order anyway.

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