The Tequila Sunrise Tribute! Paul Sidoti, Mike Meadows and Amos Heller on stage

(Credit: Steve Ditch)

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The Tequila Sunrise – An Eagles Tribute event took place at the House of Blues in Cleveland on December 29, 2011. Here at the Swift Agency, one guy who was bound for a holiday trip, we were very sorry to miss it. Thankfully, our unpaid correspondent and frequent collaborator Steve Ditch, managed to catch the show and did a great job as our field reporter.

Tequila Sunrise was Paul Sidoti‘s creation in 2002. It was his full time gig before joining the Fearless One and The Agency.¬† As one of the biggest Eagles cover bands, they have toured venues including the House of Blues all over the United States. According to the band’s own programs, Rolling Stone once called Tequila Sunrise “The Best Eagles Tribute band on Earth”. The band has had limited performances ever since Paul got his current job playing guitar with the Enchantress. Some of the other members even split into their own cover band called 7 Bridges.

Paul brought on board two Agency bandmates, Mike Meadows and Amos Heller to a brand new incarnation of Tequila Sunrise for December 29. He also added Colin Whinnery, Jody Harris, Vernon Roop and Derek Braunschweiger as part of the band. Here is the setlist:

  • (Credit: Steve Ditch)

    The Eagles – Hotel California (featuring Jody Harris)

  • The Eagles – Victim of Love (featuring Jody Harris)
  • The Eagles – New Kid in Town (featuring Mike Meadows)
  • Joe Walsh – Life’s Been Good (featuring Paul Sidoti)
  • The Eagles – I Can’t Tell You Why (featuring Amos Heller)
  • The Eagles – Lyin’ Eyes (featuring Mike Meadows)
  • The Eagles – Peaceful Easy Feeling (featuring Mike Meadows)
  • The Eagles – Take It To The Limit (featuring Amos Heller)
  • The Eagles – One Of These Nights (featuring Jody Harris)
  • Joe Walsh – Walk Away (featuring Paul Sidoti)
  • James Gang – Funk #49 (featuring Paul Sidoti)
  • The Eagles – Tequila Sunrise (featuring Mike Meadows)
  • The Eagles – Love Will Keep Us Alive (featuring Amos Heller)
  • Don Henley – The Heart of the Matter (featuring Jody Harris)
  • The Eagles – Seven Bridges Road
  • The Eagles – Heartache Tonight (featuring Mike Meadows)
  • The Eagles – In The City (featuring Paul Sidoti)
  • The Eagles – Life In The Fast Lane (featuring Jody Harris)
  • The Eagles – Already Gone (featuring Mike Meadows)
  • Joe Walsh – Rocky Mountain Way (featuring Paul Sidoti)
  • The Eagles – Desperado (featuring Jody Harris)
  • The Eagles – Take it Easy (featuring Mike Meadows)
  • Joe Walsh – All Night Long (featuring Paul Sidoti)

Special guests were Michael Cavanaugh, who played keyboards during “The Heart of the Matter”, Joe Vitale who took the drums during “Rocky Mountain Way” and¬† Jim Bonfanti from The Raspberries, who played drums during “Funk #49”. Joe Vitale is Joe Walsh’s original drummer and toured with The Eagles as well as Crosby, Stills, and Nash and other bands.

Everyone did a great job singing to their strengths and Paul shined singing the part of Joe Walsh. A big highlight of the night was¬†Mike Meadows who’s well know to play anything with strings on it but also demonstrated great vocal skills! Here’s Mike performing “Take it Easy”:

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Joe Walsh was also in a Cleveland band James Gang (“Funk #49” was played during the evening) before joining the Eagles which gave the whole night a cool Cleveland vibe.¬†Paul Sidoti is, of course, from Cleveland where Joe Walsh spend a lot of time with both solo and bands such as James Gang and the Eagles.

I’d like to give a big shoutout to our unpaid correspondent Steve Ditch for his great field reporting as well as thank him for all the pictures and video recording. We also thank Ashley Sidoti for taking her time to talk to Steve and supply the background info on Tequila Sunrise.

You can catch up on Paul Sidoti as well as grab some cool merch on his own site at Of course, you can still see Paul, Mike and Amos the next time The Agency joins the Blonde With the Sparkly Guitar on stage.

Update! Paul sent me a couple of corrections/additions to the set as well as more info on Joe Vitale. Thanks, Paul!

(Credit: Steve Ditch)

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(Sources: Steve Ditch, Ashley Sidoti, Paul Sidoti)