Fan Spotlight: Taylor Talk!

Hello, Taylor Nation!

It’s long overdue, but there is one podcast that discusses all things related to Taylor on iTunes: Taylor Talk. The show started with its first podcast back in November, 2011. It’s four hosts, discussing the current news and rumors going around on the Taylor Nation and giving their opinions.

In their usual order of introduction, they are:

  • Adam: He acts as the program director and producer. The show is sponsored by his site, Most often than not, he’s trying to put order which means he’s always in danger of being overpowered by his co-hosts.
  • Belle: She’s very knowledgeable and has followed Taylor since her beginnings, plus she still keeps in touch with all things Taylor. She’s very good at dispelling rumors and has a very good grasp of Taylor’s personality.
  • Jencita: One of the most informed Taylor fans and a mistress of promotion. She was born to be a publicist or a promoter. She’s got a very quick wit, which makes her Adam’s person to watch since she’ll usually turn the tables on him in the funniest way possible.
  • Maya: One of the sweetest fans you’ll ever meet, Maya is also one of the most dedicated Taylor fans. She’s always up to date on all the news and she’s also a part of another great site, @TSwiftOnTour, keeping fans updated on concert news while the concert is still going on!

The show nowadays tends to run a little long, so make sure you have some time available to hear each episode. On certain topics, they follow a round table format in which everyone gets to chime in. You’ll find they don’t always agree with each other. I’ll be honest, sometimes I don’t agree with any of them. Nevertheless, they’re always well informed and the opinions (for the most part) are sound. Everyone’s entitled to their say, and although some of people play favorites between which host more closely represents them, it’s good to hear what they all have to say.

You can subscribe to them on iTunes here: Taylor Talk: The Taylor Swift Podcast

They’ve got some featurettes a bit geared toward the younger crowd at the end such as If Swifties Ruled The World? and What Would Taylor Do? If that’s your cup of tea you can send suggestions for them via mail at

Note: This is not an endorsement. This is someone’s hard work that I think it’s worth mentioning. My spotlight may be more of a small flashlight, but it’s mine – I don’t do these by request.

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