The Weekly Rant: autograph sellers and the eternal teenage years

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Hello, Taylor Nation!

Welcome to the first posting of The Rant. The idea behind this feature is simple. Whatever it is that has been frustrating me lately I put in here and ramble on and on about. The result (I hope) is blow some steam and give everyone who shares the idea some release.

Let me set up the scene for you. You’re waiting outside a hotel, a venue or a big award event, with a group of Taylor fans. As you wait, you talk and you make friends. As the time in which Taylor is expected approaches, you take the best position possible. The time approaches, some false alarms sound out but no sign of the Blonde With The Sparkly Guitar yet. Then, suddenly, she’s there. Taylor has arrived…

All of a sudden one or several persons pushes through the crowd running over everyone in their path and shouting like crazy. No respect for whoever has been there waiting for hours. They stick their poster right onto Taylor’s face – close enough that any real fan would be afraid for the Outspoken One to get scratched with it. The moment they get their autograph they just push out and start…. selling it.

These are the autograph sellers. I call them sellers and not hunters. Why? There’s quite a few people that are autograph hunters. They actually collect autographs and treasure them. Not these guys. They are here for money – yours. I can’t stand them. Is it illegal? No. But the pushing is damn rude. There’s no manners, there’s no real affinity for the artist’s craft. They are there for easy money. Can they be stopped?

Yes…  Do. Not. Buy. Autographs. From. Them. Taylor makes it easy because with every album she releases there’s a batch of albums that are sold already with her signature on it. I have one. It came from her management. Do not buy them on the street.

And can someone tell me why is it that a lot of sites and events use old pictures of Taylor? Even at supposedly high profile events we tend to see photos from six years ago. Yes, there have been new pictures of Taylor since she stopped being a teenager but I still keep running into promo pics from when she was sixteen.

A friend of mine has this idea that it could be copyright (hey @SteveDitch). He’s got a point. People are going for the picture they have from a while ago because they don’t want to pay from new rights. That still seems to perpetuate the idea of the Enchantress staying eternally in her teenage years.

Not to say that those times were bad, but the Queen of Sparks has evolved since then – and for a lot of people it seems she never grows up. Which she does. Taylor has grown up. But she has not grown out of what she’s always been – your friend.

She stays relatable. Close to you. It seems difficult to believe with the brand deals and the incredible growth of the Taylor Nation. Which is why, I don’t like to miss out on what she does now anymore than what she did years ago. Anymore that what she will do next.

Just hope that the media, who has quite a few people that think she should grow up, realize she’s doing exactly that. She’s just making sure she never, ever outgrows you 🙂

Here’s the Blonde With The Sparkly Guitar arriving in Sydney on February 29 shortly before leaving for Perth.

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4 thoughts on “The Weekly Rant: autograph sellers and the eternal teenage years

  1. Yes Taylor has become one of Americas sweethearts. And has become a beautiful woman. Ive been a fan since she put out Tim Mcgraw and probably before she hit the “big time”. People whom think I call “stealing”, anything from people like Tay should be ashamed. Cause whats a nice girl to do? (Id punch them) But I agree Dont Buy From Them! Cause really..Id rather be the one handing the item to be signed to Tay. Thats what its all about

  2. So true :/ It is awful to see these autograph sellers. Just wait your turn and treasure her signatures instead.

  3. When I went to the ACA’s in Vegas, there was some guy.. a seller.. who camped out ALL morning, and even had the nerve to bring his two little girls and his wife along, and simply had them camp out in sling chairs right up against the fence taking up about 8-10 feet of space that could have easily been used by real fans. He had images of every country artist in existence, not knowing who he’d see. Then when an artist would appear, he’d put his little girls to work: “Hurry.. get me ‘so and so’s’ picture.” He even had a Taylor Swift guitar in the event that she would show up (which she didn’t). Further, this guy was beyond rude to the artists. When Carrie Underwood was in sight, he was loudly screaming “Hey!! pay attention to us. We’re the ones who got you here. We’re the ones who voted on American Idol”… Things like that. I was disgusted by this guy and his methods of obtaining autographs.

    1. That’s such a typical example. I also can’t stand the ones that shout that they have to “feed their family” as if getting an autograph was their only source of income. I can’t stand that they pretend to be fans when they are blatantly rude to the other fans waiting. At least be polite about it…

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