You can buy it now: Canadian and Australian stores available! Taylor on Tonight Show sketch

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Hello, Taylor Nation!

Here at the Swift Agency, still one guy who was debt-free just a week ago, we might have a little budget challenge coming up. @TaylorNation13 just announced that both the Canadian and Australian stores have been re-launched. You can just visit and it will redirect to your local store if available. There’s also word of a European store being available soon.

@TaylorNation13 also announced that the Outspoken One filmed a sketch for the Tonight Show with Jay Leno. It will be airing tonight with the show at 11:35 Eastern Time, 10:35 Central Time. Please check your local listings. Chances are it will be available somewhere online within a few hours of being aired, but it will go down just as quick.

Update: Sorry, no sketch last night! I guess it will happen on a different date. I’ll let you know.

The full music soundtrack album, The Hunger Games: Songs From District 12 And Beyond, is released on March 20. You can pre-order it on iTunes. I know there has been a leak of the entire album but I’m not going to post any links. I won’t give you a lecture, but I won’t allow them in comments either. I don’t judge people who do, it’s just my choice 🙂

The Sparkly Dressed along with The Agency, The Residents and her entire team are now in New Zealand, reports the New Zealand Herald. Coming up in March 16, kiwis will get their first ever Speak Now tour at the Vector Arena in Auckland.

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