The Billboard Country Songs chart top spot is Ours! And is Live… live?

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Hello Taylor Nation!

Here at the Swift Agency, one guy who still has to remind himself the Speak Now Tour is over, we sometimes catch ourselves waking up and thinking if we need to find out the Arm Lyrics from last night. Then we get sad, then we remember that there’s new music from Taylor on The Hunger Games: Songs From District 12 And Beyond.

To add to that, the Outspoken One’s Speak Now album still holds power with Ours climbing the Country Songs chart to the top spot. According to Billboard, the song about elevator buttons and morning air took 17 weeks to climb the charts. The Sparkly Dressed has had quite a number of songs up there with Sparks Fly being the slowest at 19 weeks and Love Story being the fastest at 7 weeks. Yes, the songs from the Blonde With The Sparkly Guitar hit the number one spot so often that nowadays we care about the speed at which they reach the top. You can read the full story on Billboard.

On other news, a big shoutout to @HEYitsSami_ for helping to clear up the whole dilemma with whether Live! With Kelly is going to be a new appearance or not. She just called them. It’s a repeat. I know, I’ve gone back and forth about this one since I thought based on the different guest list it wouldn’t be the same show. Live sometimes means live with recorded clips nowadays. However, @KellyRipaShow which is as far as I can tell an unconfirmed account, mentions that some of the recorded content will be new. Thanks to @_Jencita_ for the heads up.

This is the Enchantress’ last appearance on Live from October 13, 2011:

Watch on YouTube

A little personal note here. There’s a moment that starts at around the 3:30 mark where she talks about what people call her where I held my breath… Because for a second I thought she was going to mention one of my nicknames (yeah, I give her  a lot of nicknames, ever notice that?). I would’ve died if she had said The Fearless One.

We’ll know for sure if there’s any new stuff today. I’m sure they’d rather make sure we watch, but I’m going to wait until it hits the net.

Don’t forget! Your mission everyday is to VOTE for Taylor for ACM Entertainer of the Year! Ninjas are on the prowl!

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Coming up in the Calendar!

  • March 23: Taylor Swift is scheduled to appear on Live! With Kelly.
  • March 23: The Hunger Games movie is released nationwide.
  • March 29: The Punk’d season premiere episode featuring Taylor Swift airs on MTV at 10/9c.
  • March 31: The 2012 Kids Choice Awards. Taylor is nominated for Favorite Female Singer and Favorite Song for Sparks Fly. The show airs on Nickelodeon on Saturday, March 31st at 8/7c.

(Sources:Billboard, Live! With Kelly)

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