Review Corner: Tyler Hilton’s Forget The Storm

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Here at the Swift Agency, once in a while we take some time and review the work of another artist. Usually there’s a connection with the Outspoken One, and this one is no different. Tyler Hilton has cooperated with Taylor, performing with her on stage and actually was her love interest in the video for Teardrops On My Guitar. Yes, he’s the infamous “Drew” but relax – he only played him on the video, he’s not the actual inspiration for the song.

He has a new album out, Forget The Storm, available on iTunes. It has two great opening salvos with Kicking My Heels and the new single Prince of Nothing Charming. However, what drew me to the record is the song Jenny.

I’ll have to add a disclaimer that it includes explicit language. It’s a word. No big deal.

More important than that, it’s a great song and it has one collaboration you might not be immediately aware of: The Agency’s Elizabeth Huett does backup vocals for an acoustic version…!/TylerHilton/status/158738477247242242

No quite sure if that means that I am missing a bonus track, or if Jenny is simply that version he refers to. But if you want to see Tyler singing that song with Liz, here you go:

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And here’s a strange find, Tyler and Liz signing the Christmas song,¬†Baby It’s Cold Outside.

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Here is the picture of Liz performing on the studio that Tyler tweeted about.

Of course Tyler is also well known to fans of the show¬†One Tree Hill¬†as Chris Keller. He’s returned to the show as a regular for its ninth and final season.

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