Nashville Diaries: Gloriana and Charlie Worsham’s CMT afterparty


Hello Country music fans,

A long time ago, in a time I like to refer to as The Fearless Years, Gloriana seemed to be one step close to the big success that all up and coming Nashville bands aspire. They were young, they were opening for the Blonde With The Sparkly Guitar and they won Breakthrough Artist at the 2009’s American Music Awards.

But rocky times were ahead, and the band’s future suddenly became uncertain. When I met them on the 2011 CMA Music Festival it would be the last time they were a quartet. The band lost one of her female members, Cheyenne.

Although the reasons for her departure were never made public, speculation abounds. Let’s say they hit some rough spots and not try to put blame on either side. It just wouldn’t do anybody any favors.


Rough times ahead caused the quartet to split ways. I don’t believe at this point either side is to blame, and just for the record I wish everyone the very best in what career path she chooses.

What Gloriana did, was suffer a time no different than that of a lovers’ breakup. When they opened last night (June 6) at aVenue, they took the stage with what almost seemed a homage to their initial years as their greatest known hit Wild At Heart rung out like the opening salvo of a cannon. What I saw last night was not a band ignoring its past but embracing it, learning from it and moving onward and upward.


The night started with Charlie Worsham, who was coincidentally another of the Queen of Sparks’ opening acts. His big hit Trouble Is was his greatest song of the night but I must say when he covered Tom Petty’s American Girl he really accomplished more than he probably realized. Being that that particular song is the one that the Sparkly Dressed currently uses as the pre-concert party just before the red curtain goes up, he inadvertently pumped up all citizens of the Taylor Nation for the main act. It’s an effect I call Shades of Taylor. Yes, I know I come up with way too many names already! Think of it as a Swift-ied version of six degrees. That being said, I don’t want you to think Charlie was just an opening act. He stood on his own two feet last night.


Going back to Gloriana, it was just weird, nostalgic and wonderful to see Rachel Reinert, Tom Gossin and Mike Gossin on stage. I even recognized their bassist player, Zac Brindisi standing right behind them. The sound was indeed a bit changed, but not as if something was missing but as if they had grown up and become stronger. I believe there was one or two tunes I didn’t recognize but nothing sounded like filler at all. I loved both their new tracks (Kissed You) Good Night and Wanna Take You Home.

The best part of the night for me would be Mike Gossin’s performance of John Mellencamp’s Small Town. It was so obviously his moment to shine and he started with some instructions and audience training on clapping and yelling “Hey” at the right moment. I wasn’t sure if everyone was going to go along with it, but once the song started and it all came together I think it was excellent.

Here’s taste of what Gloriana is now. Here’s their official video for (Kissed You) Good Night:

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For me and the brave troopers that had gone through the CMT awards’ most pit, it was the best after party we could have 🙂

Gloriana’s new album will be released on July 31st.

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