2012 CMA Fest Nightly Concerts: Dierks Bentley and Rascal Flatts

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Hello Country Music fans!

The 2012 CMA Fest was a blast, but unfortunately all good things come to an end. Funny thing is, I’m not even close to done regarding blog material. There’s just too much stuff to write about. The fourth night at LP Field for instance, was a bit of a mix and I had to cut this one short as well. For starters, I manage to do the photo line twice. Once for Sarah Darling and second for Diersk Bentley.

Photo lines are cool but require commitment. In my case, I took the first photo line which was short to see Sarah Darling sing the US national anthem. She did a terrific job.

(Credit: TheSwiftAgency.com)

The Mavericks were the first opening number, but I didn’t hang around. Instead I went back to get in the line for Dierks Bentley, which meant I didn’t get to see Scottie McCreery on stage. To give you an idea how that works, if the artist is big – say Carrie Underwood or Brad Paisley – you’re stuck in the line and miss everyone else.

Dierks Bentley takes the Act To Watch, while Rascal Flatts I’ll say was last night’s Best Act Hands Down. I’m going to apologize for not counting Alan Jackson and the hugely talented Martina McBride.

Here at the Swift Agency, one guy that’s more tired than ever, we had to go back to the hotel to pack for an early flight. So, is this it? Are we wrapping it up? Not even close. The 2012 CMA Music Festival may be over but I’ve still got a lot to cover from the past week. I hope you keep reading 🙂

(Credit: TheSwiftAgency.com)

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(Source: TheSwiftAgency.com)