Nashville Diaries: Amos J. Heller rocks it out with Old Dominion


Hello Taylor Nation,

It’s not the first time that The Agency crosses musical paths with Old Dominion. Their regular members are Matt Ramsey, Geoff Sprung, Trevor Rosen, Whit Sellers, Devin Malone and John Henry Trinko. Going back to the epic Saturday night of June 9, 2012 they played 12th and Porter with none other than The Agency’s bass player extraordinaire: Amos J. Heller.

You might remember that previously, back on April 27, they borrowed The Agency’s guitarist, Grant Mickelson, to play Joe’s Bar in Chicago. That was a little last minute and unfortunately I couldn’t make that one. This time however, it was right during CMA Fest week. Remember when I apologized for leaving LP Field’s nightly concert after Eric Church’s performance? Here at the Swift Agency, one guy that is not well known for being athletic, ran through downtown Nashville to get to 12th and Porter just in time to see Old Dominion take the stage.


The performance was excellent.  The band’s music could be described as country with honky tonk and a generous amount of rock and roll. Shake well and drink often. It was such a joy to see Amos cut loose. Taylor wise, I’ve seen him enjoy immensely when he gets to rock out during Better Than Revenge and his moments during Haunted but this was him letting his hair down and just blasting. It makes me wish he’d get more chances like this one. He’s not leaving The Agency, but it’s cool to see him doing side gigs.

I was happy to see there are some ties between the Sparkly Dressed and Old Dominion from their official bio from ReverbNation:

Old Dominion is made up of four Virginians, one Michigander, and one bearded keyboard player who’s place of origin remains a mystery. The chemistry that occurs when Old Dominion takes the stage can only be achieved through years of cheap hotels, dirty clubs, and long van rides across the country forming a bond that somehow adds up to great music. Based in Nashville, they have managed to carve out their own territory as well as play music and write songs for some of todays top country recording artists, including Steve Holy, Chris Young, Taylor Swift, and Randy Houser just to name a few. Although they have been together for many years, Old Dominion is putting the finishing touches on their debut release full of heartbreaking rock and summertime party music.

– ReverbNation

Here’s a little clip of Old Dominion performing with Amos:

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You can learn more about Old Dominion on ReverbNation and more about Amos on his Agency Profile: Amos Heller.


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