Review Corner: Old Dominion’s It Was Always Yours

I thought I’d follow through on reviewing Old Dominion‘s album, It Was Always Yours. The band is based out in Nashville, TN. Its members are:

  • Matt Ramsey – vocals/guitar
  • Devin Malone – guitar
  • Trevor Rosen – guitar/vocals
  • Geoff Sprung – bass
  • John Henry Trinko – keys
  • Whit Sellers – drums

The album is an EP of five songs, Wake Up Loving You, That’s How We Do Summertime, Slow, Day One, Windows One and Girls. It plays like summertime rock, with a mix of country and honky tonk. I found it really enjoyable and a good addition to my summertime playlist. According to the band’s Facebook page, their influences are Tom Petty, Radney Foster, Pearl Jam, John Hiatt, rock, country, rock, country, rock, country…  I understand you can get a free copy of the album if you contact them.

Here’s a clip of them playing Wake Up Loving You from their YouTube channel:

Watch on YouTube

They’ve played with some members of The Agency. Grant Mickelson joined them at Joe’s Bar in Chicago on April 27 and Amos J. Heller joined them at 12th and Porter on June 9.

You can learn more about Old Dominion on ReverbNation.

(Source: Old Dominion’s Facebook Page)

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