Things that shine and the rocks that get thrown at them. An Editorial

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Hello Taylor Nation,

For those who just tuned in, most of my posts are news articles. My editorials are actual blogs where I speak my mind about a particular subject. I also get long and wordy so I won’t blame you if you skip this one. Today I’d like to talk about some things that shine… and the rocks that get thrown at them.

Respect. You’d think this is a given. Still, recently someone decided to hack Claire Callaway’s account in Facebook and Twitter. I want to believe that it was just a hacker because if it’s an overzealous fan we’ve got trouble in the ranks. Please don’t believe that being a fan gives you rights to intrude into other people’s lives. These are regular people we’re talking about. The Agency and the Residents’ Dance Crew are always friendly, but there is a line you should not cross. You may not realize it, but not too many  artists’ touring bands and dance crews are willing to come out and talk to the fans when their names are not in the roster.

Banter. I know the younger Swifties sometimes can’t tell the difference, but there’s a lot of joking around as well as irony and sarcasm into friendly conversation. I remember when I first started blogging, I posted something that one of the members of the Agency had told me in jest. That means as a joke. It was just banter between us. But, it got misconstrued by some people as if I was showing off. I’ve learned since then not to blog about banter with The Agency, even though for me, it’s always funny and friendly. Some people just don’t get it at all.

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Kindness. I try to think about the Enchantress before I write something. Yes, she’s made her personal life public but I don’t like it when someone drags her name through the mud to get a couple of hits. There are things that I won’t publish, and they’re usually on tabloids. And while we’re on the subject, here’s a rant. Could some Swifties take it easy with Grant? Everytime he mentions he likes a song from another artist other than the Sparkly Dressed, there’s people jumping on his back as if he had just confessed to a crime. Rant over, sorry.

Competition. The more fan sites open up, the quicker news get to everyone. I am not here to win anything. If I can get your readership, I’m happy. It’s also automatic. The day might come when I don’t get a single view and then I’ll know it’s time to go. I guess this just me saying be kind to other Taylor sites. If you have one, be glad you do. If you don’t and don’t like any of the other sites out there, consider starting your own.

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Crediting. I have my own standards regarding properly crediting media based on fair use and sourcing information, but I don’t want to impose those on y’all. I don’t think myself better for respecting copyrighted material. If you don’t want to do it, that’s fine and I’m not going to say a word. Myself I credit when it’s media such as a picture that I’m using under the copyright law for fair use. I source when it’s information from a reliable source (sorry your cousin’s friend’s neighbor doesn’t count as a source – tabloids such as the Star don’t count either). For anything else, I usually give out shoutouts if you were helpful, nice or I think you deserve one 🙂

I’m sorry if it sounds like I am preaching. I try to be on the side of the things that shine, but I know sometimes in the past I’ve also been the guy with the rock. I just keep trying to be nicer to people. I heard from someone who plays a shiny guitar that being nice to people is a wonderful legacy to leave behind.

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  1. Most of the points you made ring true to a certain extent. I really respect your editorials because for the most part you make sense. Keep doing what your doing.

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