News Update: Gloriana’s album is released! And where is the Sparkly Dressed?

(Photo: China Foto Press)

Here at the Swift Agency, still one guy who’s got a busy summer, we’re happy to announce you can buy Gloriana’s new album, A Thousand Miles Left Behind, right now! We saw them perform again in Nashville during the CMA Fest 2012, and they’ve grown up musically. Additionally, E! Online just learned that Tom Gossin proposed to his longtime girlfriend Jamie Moffett back in March 1st. They are engaged to be married in October 2013. Tom even told E! News that before saying yes, she said “There’s no way you’re getting up and singing at our wedding. Don’t even think about it.” He laughed. Don’t forget to pick up their album, now available on iTunes!

Anybody has seen a Blonde With A Sparkly Guitar? Well… actually it’s more like who hasn’t (put your hand down, everyone – it was a figure of speech). The elusive formerly curly songstress showed up in New York City according to pictures from China Foto Press. According to, she was also seen in Marcella’s Pizza in Mount Kisko, NY with Conor Kennedy on July 26. Which means… she was having pizza with Conor Kennedy. By the way, I’ve double checked – that’s how you spell his name. There’s been a bunch of lucky fans that have been lucky enough to snap some pics with the Outspoken One in Cape Cod as lately as yesterday (July 30).

The Enchantress is scheduled to perform on the iHeartRadio Music Festival on Saturday, September 22. Tickets to the festival were available on Ticketmaster, but we hear the show is sold out. According to the CW will broadcast the iHeartRadio music festival on October 1st at 8pm Eastern time (no, it’s not live). Additionally, will be streaming the audio of the performances online here, but we keep getting a warning it’s US only. Hopefully, there’s a way to see it or hear it worldwide when the show happens.

And Scott Borchetta gave us (as in all the Taylor Nation fandom) his definition of ‘soon’ as ‘early September’ through Twitter. That could be anything… although if I had to take a guess, I’d have to agree with the majority and say it’s the first single from the new album, since it would made sense she would release a single before the iHeartRadio Music Festival so she can showcase it there. Then again, it could be something completely different. We’ll see. Soon. (Argh!)


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