Review Corner: Gloriana’s A Thousand Miles Left Behind

(Photo: Emblem Records, Inc.)

Here at the Swift Agency, just a guy that thinks that first and foremost is about the music, we’ve been listening non-stop to Gloriana‘s new album, A Thousand Miles Left Behind.

The sound of the band has changed. They’ve become a trio, but somehow their sound has evolved. They sound more grown up – this album’s title is not accidental. Their new songs have a bit more substance, a little more heart that comes from the pain of heartbreak. That being said, the album is unmistakably Gloriana. Brothers Tom and Mike Gossin and Rachel Reinert have found their new sound, and I can just hope this album proves to people that they’re here to stay.

My personal highlights keep changing, but right now I’d say Sunset Lovin’, Wanna Take You Home, (Kissed You) Good Night, Go On… Miss Me, Can’t Shake You, Turn My World Around… Yeah I know I’ve mentioned half the album there. They’ve also included an acoustic version of their breakout hit Wild At Heart on the Deluxe Version.

A Thousand Miles Left Behind is now available on stores right now and online on iTunes.

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