News Update: Red’s pre-sale, Ronan goes international, Macy’s and Taylor’s Close Up

Hello Taylor Nation,

Here at the Swift Agency, still one guy who likes to believe there’s a happy day ahead for each of us, we’re really looking forward to the Red album! Here are the pre-sale offers. This is only US-based so far.

(Source: Big Machine)

Ronan has taken the lead on iTunes from We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together. That’s T-Swizzle for you. Still, the song’s message and purpose is not only to inspire and honor, but also the full proceeds of this single are donated to charity. Unfortunately, it’s a bit slow getting it to iTunes’ international stores so Big Machine Records has a solution. You can use this link to buy it regardless of where you are, and they will direct the proceeds into the Taylor Swift Charitable Fund. Yes, you can buy it from Canada 😉

The Princess in Red has recorded an ensemble video for Macy’s. Here’s a short peek with just the Queen of Sparks.

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Here’s a behind the scenes look, thanks to TaylorSwiftWeb:

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And finally… more video. Yeah I know, how much more video can you guys take? Oh well, here’s the Enchantress talking about the Taylor Swift Close Up contest on Facebook.

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You can sign up for the contest (US only, residents of the contiguous continental states, blah, blah) at the Taylor Swift Close Up on Facebook.

Coming up on the Calendar!

  • September 9: The CCMA Awards will be broadcasted live across Canada on Sunday September 9th at 8 p.m. on CBC, with encore airings on CMT (Canada) starting at 10 p.m. E.T.
  • September 10: Taylor Swift will appear at the CityTV offices in Toronto, Ontario, Canada for an interview about her upcoming album, Red. Be part of the audience by signing up for the contest.
  • September 13: Taylor Swift performs at the Citibank Hall on Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. More details at Taylor Swift Brazil.

(Sources: Big Machine RecordsBig Machine TumblrTaylor Swift Close Up on Facebook)

3 thoughts on “News Update: Red’s pre-sale, Ronan goes international, Macy’s and Taylor’s Close Up

  1. Hey there!
    This is the first time I\’m viewing your site, and it\’s pretty much a bookmark and a regular check from me going forward! Great work, and I love your intros to each post!

    I\’m just wondering if you have any idea on how I can purchases the ultimate edition and have it shipped to Canada. It hurts so bad being left out of the opportunity to own such an amazing collection, especially the signed and framed cd insert/photo.

    1. As a fellow Canadian, I know that the deluxe edition of Speak Now did make it across the border. Target’s exclusivity is only limited to the US. So we will get it here.

      1. Hey, thanks for the response. I’m specifically referring to the Ultimate Package with the Blanket, CD, Sticker, Cup, Wrist Band, and the signed cd insert in the frame. So far my attempts at ordering it prevent me. 😦

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