Countdown to RED: T minus 10 days. My YouTube playlists. You’ll never get stuff done again. Like ever.

(Photo: Taylor Swift)

Konnichiwa, Taylor Nation.

Here at the Swift Agency, just one guy who’s hoping the slackers from the Ninja Department start helping out soon, we’re trying to get you all the announcements for the upcoming events of release week. I don’t think there’s ever been so many. Like ever. 10 days left! Can you believe it? Even the Sparkly Dressed is getting excited. Or she’s trying to hide the bump she made on Amos’ car. I’m kidding.

If you’ve visited this site before, you know of the Videos section. However, due to the number of videos embedded in there it has been getting way to slow to load and play. Instead, now the page will direct you to The Swift Agency YouTube channel.

I’ve been doing this for a while, so unavoidably it gets really hard to keep those pages up to date. This is easier for me and easier on your browser. Also, a lot easier to update! I’ll feature one video over there and another one (or the same one) on the Videos page. Usually a funny interview, a particular video that I think people will like, or the must-see video of the moment.

I’ve set out a playlist for each previous section so you can still get the interviews, speeches, behind the scenes, Taylor and Ellen, photoshoots, video blogs, duets and covers from the Speak Now Tour (plus one for just duets from the Fearless Tour), Taylor on the red carpet, etc. Be sure to visit if you don’t want to get anything done all day. Plus now you can start hangouts from any of the playlists with your friends so you can do some meaningful commentary instead of getting your homework done for tomorrow. That was a joke. Have fun.

The Enchantress has released the lyrics for I Knew You Were Trouble. You can find them at

Don’t forget you can email Ellen to get tickets to see the performance at her studios in Burbank!

Remember to vote for Taylor Swift! She’s nominated for:

(Photo: Brian Doben for Big Machine Records)

Coming up on the Calendar!

  • October 14: Taylor Swift performance airs on The X Factor UK.
  • October 15: song preview and intro on Good Morning America on ABC (7 – 9 a.m. ET/PT)
  • October 15: Taylor Swift performs at the Harvey Mudd College. The performance will be recorded to air as part of the VH1 Storytellers special on November 11.
  • October 16: 12:01 a.m. ET – Song #4 available for download at iTunes
  • October 18: Taylor Swift will perform live at The Ellen DeGeneres Show. Win a trip and two meet and greet passes for two at K92.5 FM.
  • October 20: Akoo will become RED TV for Taylor Swift’s 1-hour special program on the upcoming launch of RED.
  • October 22: Taylor Swift’s fourth album, Red, is released!

(Source: The Swift Agency YouTube channel)