Countdown to RED: T minus 9 days. Contests to see Taylor in NYC. And Long Live Brazil!

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Ciao, Taylor Nation.

Here at the Swift Agency, just a guy who thinks some sweet potato pancakes from the Pancake Pantry would hit the spot right about now, we’ve had one hell of a week and we know it only gets busier from here. During release week, news will travel faster through social media than through mainstream channels… I’m going to have to break all of my rules just to keep up with the Princess in Red.

Music Choice’s SWRV channel¬†is running the Paint NYC Red With Taylor Swift sweepstakes. The prize? “win a trip for two to¬†NYC¬†to attend the Taylor Swift performance at Good Morning America!¬†VIP¬†seats & Meet & Greet.” Only US residents over 21 years of age are eligible to enter. It started yesterday, October 12 and finishes tomorrow, October 14 at noon. You can sign up through their Facebook app.

Sirius XM is running their own contest for a trip for you and a friend to attend a meet and greet with the Sparkly Dressed when she visits their New York offices for their Town Hall series. You will also take a picture with her. You can enter the Taylor Swift Trip Giveaway here.

And this one comes via @_Jencita_ as she cleared up whether or not international fans will be able to see Akoo’s Taylor Swift RedTV special on Saturday, October 20.

They haven’t announced a specific date yet, but at least they do plan to release the special internationally. Thanks to for clearing that one up!

Here’s the Blonde With The Sparkly Guitar who’s actually playing the sparkly guitar in this clip. This is the performance of¬†Long Live¬†on TV Xuxa from Brazil’s network Globo.

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Remember to vote for Taylor Swift! She’s nominated for:

  • The¬†2012 MTV EMA¬†(November 11) for¬†Best Female, Best Pop, Best Look, Best Live¬†and¬†Best World Stage.¬†You can¬†vote here.
  • The¬†American Music Awards¬†(November 18) for¬†Favorite Female Country Artist. You can¬†vote here.
  • The¬†American Country Awards¬†(December 10) for Artist of the Year,¬†Best Female Artist, Single of the Year, Best Female Single¬†and¬†Best Female Video. You can¬†vote here.

In other news, I’m glad to let you guys know that Claire Callaway, her daughter Lulu¬†and The Agency’s Grant Mickelson¬†finally have their¬†cat Marilyn safe and sound back home after she broke her toe. Getting in the Halloween spirit, they joined in with Ashley Sidoti and The Agency’s Paul Sidoti¬†for some pumpkin patch hijinx.

(Source: Claire Callaway)

Coming up on the Calendar!

  • October 14:¬†Taylor Swift performance airs on The X Factor UK.
  • October 15:¬†song preview and intro on¬†Good Morning America¬†on ABC (7 – 9 a.m. ET/PT)
  • October 15:¬†Taylor Swift performs at the¬†Harvey Mudd College.¬†The performance will be recorded to air as part of the¬†VH1 Storytellers¬†special on¬†November 11.
  • October 16:¬†12:01 a.m. ET ‚Äď Song #4 available for download at iTunes
  • October 18:¬†Taylor Swift will perform live at The Ellen DeGeneres Show. Win a trip and two meet and greet passes for two at¬†K92.5 FM.
  • October 20:¬†Akoo¬†will become¬†RED TV¬†for Taylor Swift‚Äôs¬†1-hour special program on the upcoming launch of RED.
  • October 22:¬†Taylor Swift‚Äôs fourth album,¬†Red, is released!

(Sources: SWRV, Sirius XM, TV Xuxa)