Countdown to RED: T minus 6 days. State of Grace is released!

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Yo, Taylor Nation!

Here at the Swift Agency, still one guy who’s still blogging and all, we’re thrilled to announce State of Grace is out on iTunes. The song has a feeling of a big number, feels like the title song from movie.

The Sparkly Dressed is visiting Harvey Mudd College tonight, winner of the contest for a concert that will later be seen as part of VH1 Storytellers. That means, no official video for now. The VH1 Storytellers episode for the Princess in Red will air on November 11. She should be done with her performance shortly.

Good Morning America is running a contest to get the biggest Taylor Swift fan (…in the US) to see the Enchantress when she performs in New York City. You need to nominate the biggest fan you know and then you both get to go. Limited to US residents, yada, yada. Includes the trip and VIP tickets to the concert. Enter here.

Here’s the preview of State of Grace from Good Morning America. Thanks to Pablo Kutavyz for posting!

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  1. Marianne

    I agree with you on the movie-comment! This album is so different from what she has done soundwise (I think :p), I’m excited! The lyrics are still amazing, though 😉

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