Behind the Blog: New Profiles for Claire, Charity and the Backup Singers!

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Greetings Taylor Nation,

Here at the Swift Agency, just one guy that wishes blogging would count as an exercise, we’re really starting to feel it now. The Enchantress is popping up everywhere! Unfortunately, life doesn’t stop and yours truly will have to get sleep… eventually. I am not going to be attending any release events, money tree is kinda dried out for the rest of the year.

Changes for the Profiles page! Dancers Claire Callaway and Charity Lynne Baroni finally get their own pages. As the only two recurrent dancers from the dance crews from the Fearless Tour and the Speak Now Tour, we’re used to see them around all the time so it’s long overdue for them to have a niche here. Claire and Charity will make a cameo on tonight’s Nashville TV series.

I’ve revamped the entire Profiles page. The Agency now is fully assembled. All members have now a status of whether they are active or not, but nobody is apart 🙂 Daniel Sadownick is actually not touring with the Blonde With The Sparkly Guitar, but may be part of the next tour – so he’s in a temp status. Elizabeth Huett is now pursuing her own projects that we can’t wait to tell you about but for now we have to wait. But we can’t. Argh.

The Backup Singers get each a Profile page! Sorry to delay this one so long, but Carly Thomas Smith, Clare Turton, Melanie Nyema and Kamilah Marshall now have their own Profile page each. I actually sat down and took the time to research a biography for each of them. Click below to find out more about them!

The addition of the quartet changes (stay calm and don’t panic, change is good) the stage dynamics, and gives the Sparkly Dressed a posse of girlfriends to react, play act the song and bring up the singing volume. As some of you have pointed out, there is the risk of her voice getting drowned – but there are still some parts T-Swizzle sings alone. Give the new sound a chance.

State of Grace is out on iTunes! I didn’t know what to think of it at first, but it’s growing on me. Is this really the Sparkly Dressed? I’ve heard many comparisons to U2, and really good suggestion from @marrieta65: Def Leppard could’ve been the influence for this one.

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