Countdown to RED: T minus 5 days. Release events update and more from VH1!

(Photo: Frank Micelotta for VH1 Storytellers)

Hello Taylor Nation!

Here at the Swift Agency, just a guy who wants a nap all the time now, we CAN wait for RED. I don’t jump pages on a novel to find out the ending, I prefer to enjoy the story. That’s all I will say. State of Grace is out on iTunes. Have you bought it yet? The more I hear this song, the more I like it. Right now, Begin Again is my favorite single from RED but State of Grace is really catching up.

The Sparkly Dressed performed at Harvey Mudd College as part of VH1 Storytellers! Kate Spencer interviewed the Enchantress, and couldn’t help but fangirl quite a bit. Read the article here. There’s a clip in there that you can’t see outside the US, I’m afraid. I’ll post it when/if it appears somewhere else. The VH1 Storytellers episode with the Princess in Red will air on November 11. The article is excellent and incredibly charming, so I’m not going to spoil it: reading is recommended.

Billboard has compiled a nice summary of most of the events of release week! And I thought I had a good one… Ok, let’s bring you up to date. By the way, I had to slightly correct Billboard – October 22 is a Monday.

(Photo: Kate Spencer/VH1)

Monday, October 22

Times Square appearance on “Good Morning America.” A group of her Twitter followers and Facebook fans will be with Swift as she bounces between media appearances, talking about the day on their social media platforms. What “Entertainment Tonight” is calling “Taylor Swift Week” will include interviews on “Access Hollywood,” “E! News” and “Extra.” She will also sit down for a live Q&A with SiriusXM, to air October 22 at 2 p.m. ET.

Tuesday, October 23

Day two of the 22-year-old pop star’s wild week (October 23) has her scheduled to appear again on “Good Morning America” and perform on “The Late Show with David Letterman.” Adding to Billboard’s article, this appearance on GMA is a mini-concert performance.

(Photo: Kate Spencer/VH1)

Wednesday, October 24

She will be on “The View” on that Wednesday. In addition to all of her press and TV appearances, Swift will take part in Scholastic’s “Read Every Day” literacy event at the company’s NYC headquarters on October 24.

Thursday, October 25

She’s appearing on “The Ellen DeGeneres Show”. Note from me here, this is the interview and performance from October 18.

Friday, October 26

She will join Katie Couric on ABC’s “Katie,” before being featured on a “20/20” primetime special, “All Access Nashville.”

(Photo: Frank Micelotta for VH1 Storytellers)

You can read the original story on Billboard.

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