Countdown to RED: T minus 3 days. Too much something is better than not enough

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Hey Taylor Nation,

Here at the Swift Agency, still a guy who could use a few extra ninjas this week, we’re all about the Sparkly Dressed all the time but I’m way over my head right now. With interviews coming in left and right, I’ve actually stopped and taken a look back. There’s nothing I regret more than to rush out a blog post. Instead today I’m giving you a very long post… Take a deep breath in the mirror and let’s begin.

Good Morning America has announced that Taylor will perform Begin Again at the 46th CMA Awards! You might recall I already posted she was performing, but I was so glad she chose that particular track which falls a little closer to her Country side. She’s exploring new territory with this album, but she’s still not far from her old roots.

Here’s the video with a sneak peek at the Begin Again video!

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Inteviews galore! Let’s start with one of the best. Brian Mansfield from USA Today is a name very familiar to the Taylor Nation. He’s followed her career and knows the Sparkly Dressed personally since long ago. The first thing he does is entice us as he hears a rehearsal version of Never Ever… that he describes as “a folky singalong” when played without all the production added by Max Martin and Shellback. Actually the song has a little revenge motif:

So I made a song that I knew would absolutely drive him crazy when he heard it on the radio. Not only would it hopefully be played a lot, so that he’d have to hear it, but it’s the opposite of the kind of music that he was trying to make me feel inferior to.

– Taylor Swift via USA Today

The article also reveals the Enchantress’ eternal producer, Nathan Chapman, actually motivated her to try alternative producers. “I encouraged her to branch out and to test herself in other situations,”  Nathan tells USA Today. “Her artistry is so strong that I wasn’t worried if she were to work with other people that she would chameleon into their sound. I was more excited for these other guys to get to have Taylor’s sound on their stuff.” The acclaimed producer, who has also worked with the Band Perry, did co-produce half the songs on RED.

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There’s impressions of the rest of the songs we haven’t heard yet. That includes a mention of All Too Well written with legendary co-writer Liz Rose. Also included is a steamy line (not posting it here yet) from the lyrics of Treacherous, which is described as “one of the most overtly sexual songs that Swift has ever written.” I’d rather not go too much into those tracks yet until the release. You can read the original article at USA Today.

TIME also had a chance to talk to the Queen of Sparks. Asked about the amount of pop songs in her new album, this is what she had to say:

For my last album, I wrote every song by myself and used the same producer I’ve always worked with. Writing by myself became a comfort zone. So with this one, I really wanted to push myself. I called the people that I’ve always wanted to work with—my production, songwriting, artist heroes—and said hey, do you want to get in the studio and work together and make something different. Track to track, there’s nothing similar about anything on this record, and that’s what makes it so exciting.

– Taylor Swift via TIME

She also was asked if she was concerned about how fans would respond to this new album going further into the pop genre:

Almost every time I put something out, there’s the word “too” put in front of what it is—too pop or too country or too rock. I had a song last year called “Mean”—we were lucky enough to win two Grammys with it—and I remember reading a few articles that said it was too bluegrass. So I kinda stopped worrying about it. I’d rather be too something than not enough something.

– Taylor Swift via TIME

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I love that last quote!

The Princess in Red also commented on nicknames… specifically, one that she remembers from her times touring with Brad Paisley. They called her Tater Tot and renamed her dressing room door as Tater Swift every night. “It was like being teased by your big brother,” she said.

MTV News has already reviewed the entire album including descriptions and some lyric snippets. It’s ok if you want to go and read it but too much about the album’s other tracks fall in the neighbourhood of spoilerville for me so I’d rather not highlight anything just yet. Suffice to say it’s all good and a very well written review.

Long blog entry, huh? Ok time out, let’s look at a clip from the upcoming All Access Nashville with Katie Couric:

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Finally, for now at least, there’s a great interview on Spin. There are not a lot of revelations on this one, but it reaffirms what has been already said about the Sparkly Dressed and whether she was aiming for dubstep with I Knew You Were Trouble:

Not really. I’ve written some with Ed Sheeran, and he’s become a good friend of mine, and he always plays me really interesting stuff from the U.K. whenever he comes over and hangs out. But I never really thought, “Hey, I want to download some dubstep music.” What ended up happening was, I wrote this melody for this chorus on the piano, and I brought it to Max Martin and Shellback, and I said, “At the end of the chorus I just want this to go crazy. I want it to be really chaotic; I want the bass line to do this, like [makes loud GUH GUH GUH sound].

– Taylor Swift via Spin

And to clear it up once more, there is no hidden meaning for putting people dressed as furry animals on the video for WANEGBT. And no, they are not meant to be furries or whatever:

There’s really no reason. Nobody knows why there are people dressed as animals in my bedroom and for some reason that’s my posse of people that I hang out with in that video. I don’t even know.

– Taylor Swift via Spin

Ready for Monday yet? Here’s the Blonde With The Sparkly Guitar to promote her appearance on Good Morning America.

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Scarlett O’Swift is really busy these days (not sure if I want to use that nickname, just trying it out). Expect to see her in the cover of Billboard and Country Weekly soon!

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The Princess in Red performed in front of a group of lucky fans at the taping of the Ellen DeGeneres show! Want to know how it went? Read Jencita’s personal story on Taylor on Ellen! The episode airs on October 25.

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