Countdown to RED: T minus 13 hours!!! More from Billboard magazine

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It’s all about tonight Taylor Nation,

With RED about to release, please make sure you check the Calendar, although I’m quite sure I am missing a load more of events. Added just now is her appearance on ABC’s Dancing With The Stars on October 30. Shoutout to @tswiftfanatic29 for pointing that out.

Coming right up will be RED’s long expected release in just under 13 hours. Chances are it will appear on iTunes an hour or so earlier just like the previous releases so make sure you’re checking.

The Princess in Red interview with Billboard will soon hit the stands, and here’s more on what she had to say about RED via Just Jared:

(Source: Billboard)

It’s all the different ways that you have to say goodbye to someone. When you’re experiencing the ups and downs of a relationship, especially when you’re 22 years old, they all strike you different ways. Every different kind of missing someone, every kind of loss – it all sounds different to me. When you are missing someone, time seems to move slower and when I’m falling in love with someone, time seems to be moving faster. So I think, because time seems to move so slow when I’m sad, that’s why I spend so much time writing songs about it. It seems like I have more hours in the day.

– Taylor Swift via Billboard

You can read the original story in Just Jared and get the Billboard magazine this week.

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Coming up on the Calendar!

  • (Source: 13 Management)

    October 22: Taylor Swift’s fourth album, Red, is released!

  • October 22: Taylor appears live on Good Morning America for the album launch of Red.
  • October 22: Taylor interviews with Sirius XM “The Highway” at 2pm ET.
  • October 22: Interviews on Access Hollywood, E! News and Extra throughout the week.
  • October 22: NML Presents: Taylor Swift Revealed airs at 6pm ET on MuchMusic.
  • October 23: Taylor appears live on Good Morning America for a live concert.
  • October 23: Late Show with David Letterman appearance/performance.
  • October 24: Taylor Swift is scheduled to appear on The View on ABC.
  • October 24: Scholastic’s Read Every Day live classroom webcast at 2pm ET / 11am PT.
  • October 25: The Ellen DeGeneres Show episode with Taylor Swift airs. Check your local listings.
  • October 26: She will join Katie Couric on ABC’s Katie.
  • October 26: All Access Nashville with Katie Couric airs at 9|8c on ABC. Includes an interview with Taylor Swift.
  • October 30: She performs in Dancing With The Stars on ABC.

(Sources: Just JaredBillboard)