Countdown to RED: T minus 24 hours. And you’ll never be the same

(Photo: Matt Sayles)

Hello Taylor Nation,

So what’s new with you? Just kidding. We know. It’s coming. The countdown is down to the last day and we all know that within 24 hours or less, the fourth studio album from the Princess in Red will be released. October 22 is around the corner and Red is about to happen.

This week will start crazy busy for the fans that have made it to New York City. I am wishing y’all the best of luck in catching the Sparkly Dressed at all the promotional events. Sleep tight. Less than one day to go.

The Blonde With The Sparkly Guitar will be performing at the 46th CMA Awards! Although she will be performing Begin Again, the promo uses her song 22 from the unreleased album Red as the backdrop. Since the Enchantress approves, let’s go to the video!

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And in case you haven’t caught it on TV, here’s the Queen of Sparks on Target‘s Red Deluxe Edition promo:

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Coming up on the Calendar!

  • (Source: 13 Management)

    October 22: Taylor Swift’s fourth album, Red, is released!

  • October 22: Taylor appears live on Good Morning America for the album launch of Red.
  • October 22: Interviews on Access Hollywood, E! News and Extra throughout the week.
  • October 22: NML Presents: Taylor Swift Revealed airs at 6pm ET on MuchMusic.
  • October 23: Taylor appears live on Good Morning America for a live concert.
  • October 23: Late Show with David Letterman appearance/performance.
  • October 24: Taylor Swift is scheduled to appear on The View on ABC.
  • October 24: Scholastic’s Read Every Day live classroom webcast at 2pm ET / 11am PT.
  • October 25: The Ellen DeGeneres Show episode with Taylor Swift airs. Check your local listings.
  • October 26: She will join Katie Couric on ABC’s Katie. Later the same night, All Access Nashville with Katie Couric airs at 9|8c on ABC. Includes an interview with Taylor Swift.

(Sources: 46th CMA Awards, Target)