RED Release Week: RED expected to exceed a million sales! More interviews/specials

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Hello Taylor Nation,

Here at the Swift Agency, just one guy who…. give me a minute. Whew. Breathe. Ok, I’m good. Like I was saying, one guy who’s getting too old to keep up with the Princess in Red, well we don’t know about you but I’m not feeling 22. Everything will be alright though. Taylor is not taking a second to rest and there’s just a Red media blitz going on.

Starting with what appears to be the best news, Billboard reports that industry insiders are already anticipating Red to surpass the 1 million sales mark, same as Speak Now did two years ago, which will put the Sparkly Dress in a class of her own. Based on the fact that only iTunes had album sales of 262, 200 units and Billboard quotes industry sources to mention a complete sales figure that surpassed half a million album sales on the first day, it is not unreasonable to think that she might actually hit a new, completely unheard of, record number of sales once the first week finishes. Do you need to take a minute to breathe now? Anyways, we’ll have to wait until Tuesday, October 30 for the official first week numbers.

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On other news, MuchMusic’s New Music Live presents: Taylor Revealed finally shows what the Princess in Red was up to here in Canada. There’s also the interview from CityTV which is one of the better ones so far, via’s forum. GAC has also aired the much sought after Begin Again video. I don’t have a clip… but you can check out who has a managed to obtain one which works internationally. As soon as I have an official link, you know all too well I will post it here.

So let’s look at some clips I can show you. Here we go. Let’s start with the stories behind the songs of RED.

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This is Clevver News video article into Target’s RED Deluxe Edition launch party:

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Here’s E! Online One-of-One interview with Taylor Swift:

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Coming up! Taylor’s interview and performance on the Late Show With David Letterman airs tonight!

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    October 22: Taylor Swift’s fourth album, Red, is released!

  • October 23: Late Show With David Letterman appearance/performance.
  • October 24: Taylor Swift is scheduled to appear on The View on ABC.
  • October 24: Scholastic’s Read Every Day live classroom webcast at 2pm ET / 11am PT.
  • October 25: The Ellen DeGeneres Show episode with Taylor Swift airs. Check your local listings.
  • October 26: Taylor returns to Nashville for the event “Taylor Swift Worldwide Radio Remote” presented by Papa John’s with 72 stations broadcasting live from Music City, including stations from South Africa and New Zealand.
  • October 26: She will join Katie Couric on ABC’s Katie.
  • October 26: Part two of Taylor’s interview with Nan Kelley on GAC’s Top 20 Country Countdown at 8p|7c.
  • October 26: All Access Nashville with Katie Couric airs at 9|8c on ABC. Includes an interview with Taylor Swift.
  • October 30: She performs on Dancing With The Stars on ABC.


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  1. From what Swifty says in the first vid about her songs I feel a lot of the so-called news blogs have gotten the whos and whys wrong – but then again I already thought that.

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