Grant Mickelson talks to New Zealand’s ZM radio during RED release week

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Hello Taylor Nation,

Here at the Swift Agency, one guy who’s dealing with a cold right now, we have a new respect for people who do transcriptions. The Agency’s Grant Mickelson was on hand during Taylor Swift’s Worldwide Radio Remote event sponsored by Papa John’s. Not only was he there to support the Blonde With The Sparkly Guitar he also got interviewed by Polly for New Zealand’s ZM Radio.

Here’s the audio interview! Thanks to Jencita’s tumblr for the link.

I very seldom find one of these, so I decide to transcribe the whole thing to text. Ok, lucky for me it was not  a long interview but still, transcriptions are a bit harder than I thought. Here you go:

ZM Radio: Hey, it’s lovely to meet you.

Grant Mickelson: Pleasure for me as well, thanks for having me!

ZM: Thank you! You’ve been to New Zealand before.

GM: I have. We were here, eh, we were there this year – actually beginning of this year. It’s a beautiful, beautiful place. Oh my gosh. You’re lucky to live there.

ZM: And you’re coming back, I hear.

GM: I don’t know. Hopefully we are cuz we were only there for a few days but I mean, I’d love to come back and see it again.

ZM: So how did this all happen for you? How did you get involved in the Taylor Swift machine?

GM: Ah, it was 2007. She’d just released her first record and had auditions for a guitarist and I was just lucky to be the one she picked, you know. I’ve been really thankful. Honestly, when I got the job it was, she was still new and for me it was just exciting because I could pay my rent that month, I could pay my phone bill and you know, now six years later it’s progressed significantly since then, so.

ZM: I wonder if you saw the Michael Jackson movie?

GM: Oh that was “This Is It” or‚Ķ?

ZM: Yeah, yeah.

GM: Yes, yes. Absolutelty.

ZM: In it you saw that he was hands on, like totally hands on. Is Taylor really hands on with the music?

GM: Oh yeah. I think not only just the music and the touring but with every aspect of her career. I mean, she is, you know, she is the top of the totem pole. She really does take of everything herself.

ZM: To the point where she’d go: “Grant, was that, you know, I don’t know about that right there.” Would you do that?

GM: Oh yeah. Yeah. Absolutely. I mean, if there’s something she doesn’t like or she doesn’t want, she’ll let us know. I mean, she’s very, very sweet about it, you know. It’s not like we’re all, like you know, all yelling at each other or something like that. You know, for me I want to do a great job for her cuz I represent her and she’s always been loyal to me and been a great friend and likewise, you know, the other way it’s always a lot of camaraderie and friendship that goes along with‚Ķ

ZM: Would you buy something for Taylor Swift on her birthday?

GM: Every year I struggle with that. I’d usually make something. I’d make her card or something like that, you know. Cuz otherwise, I don’t know what else. What would you get her?

ZM: Tell me, when you were little who was your Taylor Swift?

GM: Ah, it’s‚Ķ it’s still is. It’s U2. U2 has been my favourite. They’ve always been my favourite. I went to see them last year when they came to Nashville and they were awesome. I think I cried like five times. I thought – you know, you come to some of our shows and some of the girls cry when like, Taylor shakes their hand or something. I could never understand it until I go to see U2 and I’m like, watching the Edge and Bono and I’m like, oh my gosh, it’s so amazing!

ZM: We’re looking forward to having you back in New Zealand.

GM: Hopefully, we’ll be back. Hopefully. I really don’t know but I would hope so.

ZM: Well, I’m pretty sure so I’m saying, I’ll see you next year.

GM: Sounds good. Thanks for having me.

ZM: Thanks, Grant. Thanks so much.

– Transcribed from¬†ZM Radio‘s interview

I’ve probably edited out a few “you knows” not to mention improvise some words I didn’t catch. You can listen to the original interview on ZM Radio. You can find out more about Grant at his own¬†Agency Profile: Grant Mickelson.

Update! Here’s another interview from Mix 94.1 with Heather Converse talking to Grant about his organized packing habits and his Abraham Lincoln interest.

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(Source: ZM Radio, Mix 94.1)

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  1. Great interviews with Grant! January 2007……six years of dedication to Taylor’s band and more! One of the legendary “Long Live” band members. ūüôā

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