The Enchantress charms on Delta Sky Magazine

(Photo: Jeff Lipsky/Stockland Martel)

Hello Taylor Nation,

Here at the Swift Agency, still one guy who’s not a friend of flying, we’re still flying high on cold medicine. The Princess in Red makes a really glamorous appearance on the pages of Delta Sky Magazine for November 2012.

The interview happened at a local BBQ. It has the usual introductions for people who haven’t heard about the Sparkly Dressed. Fortunately, Taylor makes it shine, after she orders a chicken salad.  “I think about food literally all day every day,” she says. “It’s a thing.”

She talks lyrics and her love for poetry. “Poetry and lyrics are very similar,” she explains to Delta Sky Magazine. “Making words bounce off a page. I like anything that tells a bit of the story. And at the end, the last phrase changes everything for you. Or shocks you.”

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(Photo: Jeff Lipsky/Stockland Martel)

I Knew You Where Trouble will release in the UK as Red‘s second single, according to Digital Spy. The Sparkly Dressed will be back in the UK on November 6. She will switch on the Christmas lights at Westfield Shopping Center in Shepherd’s Bush and perform three tracks, including the hit single We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together.

The Red Tour will begin in Omaha, Nebraska on March 13, 2013. Some of the concerts tickets will go on sale November 16, 2012. That’s not far away. Click here to sign up for pre-sale ticket access. More information at

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Up next, the Blonde With The Sparkly Guitar performs on Dancing With The Stars on Tuesday, October 30. Even more critical, are the 46th CMA Awards coming your way on Thursday, November 1st.

(Photo: Jeff Lipsky/Stockland Martel)

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(Source: Delta Sky Magazine)