The Sparkly Dressed’s RED album sells 1.21 million on its first week!

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Hello Taylor Nation,

Here at the Swift Agency, just one guy who’s just shy of a million or two to buy that Maserati, we’re glad to let you know that Hits Double Daily has numbers for the album sales week and guess which album is the winner. I will give you a hint, it’s not blue or dark grey. The Sparkly Dressed’s last album RED makes its triumphant debut with a whopping 1,209,817 in sales in its first week. It is the eighth largest first-week debut in modern chart history.

Considering just the last decade, it’s the highest number for a first week in sales. Comparisons can only be drawn to Eminem’s The Eminem Show which sold 1.3m in June 2002 and The Beatles’ 1 compilation which sold 1.26 in January 2001. The Enchantress also is the first with two first-week million sellers in a row since Eminem. The Blonde With The Sparkly Guitar also sets a record for the largest, non-99-cent-sale-priced digital album. You can read the story at Hits Double Daily.

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The Enchantress will be performing at the American Music Awards on November 18. Coming sooner, she performs in Dancing With The Stars on ABC tonight.

The Red Tour will begin in Omaha, Nebraska on March 13, 2013. Some of the concerts tickets will go on sale November 16, 2012. That’s not far away. Click here to sign up for pre-sale ticket access. More information at

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(Source: Hits Double Daily)