8 Hours / Taylor Swift Limited Edition Photobook by Nigel Barker

(Photo: Nigel Barker) via EW.com

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I love to bring you a cool picture of the Blonde With The Sparkly Guitar, but I never try to cover every single picture out there. After all, she might have several performances in a row, so sometimes I pick the picture of her arrival or her departure from the event just because it’s different. Then again, often enough all her pictures are good.

The Princess in Red has had several photoshoots, but some of them are more memorable than others. Such is the case of the work of Nigel Barker for what is going to be for sure a must have item: 8 hours / Taylor Swift a limited edition photobook sponsored by Sony, reports Entertainment Weekly.

(Photo: Nigel Barker)

The photobook can be obtained when you buy a Sony Alpha DLSR or NEX camera at a Sony store… while supplies last. Also, 10 copies of the book signed by both the Queen of Sparks and Nigel Barker that will be auctioned off on ebay with all proceeds going to the Boys and Girls Clubs of America.

Nigel says he was surprised by the Sparkly Dressed. “She’s not necessarily known for her sex appeal,” he told EW. “But she is someone who is emerging in a way that I’ve never seen. You’ll see her transform from a young girl into this rock and roll superstar, totally in your face. It’s unbelievable how she’s changed and of course how the music is changing and evolving. She’s one to watch.”

You can read the original story at Entertainment Weekly and look at more pictures.

The Enchantress should remain in Europe for the 2012 MTV EMA on November 11. You want to see the Queen of Sparks win some awards? VOTE! She’s nominated for:

And here’s a bonus video that I found interesting. This is Nashville‘s Hayden Panettiere talking with Jimmy Kimmel about borrowing a guitar from T-Swizzle.

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I’m sure this was not the Sparkly Guitar but it could be the Hawaiian Koa or… hopefully it’s not the blue with the Koi fishes because that one has a lot of memories. Hayden, give back the guitar! Pretty sure you can keep a pick though.

(Photo: Nigel Barker) via EW.com

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(Sources: Entertainment Weekly)