The 2012 MTV EMA Swiftlist: What you need to know today/tonight/tomorrow

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Hello Taylor Nation,

Here at the Swift Agency, still just a guy who gets up early for work just to discover it’s Sunday, we never know what people have up their sleeves. You just never know.  The Princess in Red is in Frankfurt, Germany for the 2012 MTV EMA today. She’s nominated for five awards:

  • Best Female
  • Best Pop
  • Best Look
  • Best Live
  • Best World Stage

The Blonde With The Sparkly Guitar is scheduled to perform. We haven’t heard what she will perform. It could be WANEGBT, it could be Red or she could go rogue and decide to debut a new single. It’s a world stage. She could do anything.

(Source: MTV Networks)

The 2012 MTV EMA will air live at 9pm Central Europe Time. Oh boy, that means some timezone fun: 3pm Eastern Standard Time (New York, Montreal, Toronto), 12pm (noon) Pacific Standard Time (Los Angeles) and 7am Eastern Daylight Time (Monday November 12) (Sydney). Heidi Klum will host.

You can watch online at

MTV USA is saying it will air on MTV at 11pm ET… I don’t know exactly why so late? Please check your local listings!

MTV Canada is announcing it for 8pm ET / 5pm PT but it will air on MuchMusic instead.

(Source: MTV Networks)

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(Sources: 2012 MTV EMA, MTVMTV CanadaMuchMusic)

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    Just wanted to point out, when you said 12 am (noon), noon is actually 12 pm. I just wanted to clear that up so other people won’t be confused 🙂

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