News Update: Le Parisien, Leute Heute, WebMD, X-Factor promo and Japan!

(Photo: Jean-Baptiste Quentin/Le Parisien)

Hello Taylor Nation,

Here at the Swift Agency, one guy who wishes blogging would burn calories, we’re still hearing from the Enchantress’ small promotion tour of Europe.

The French newspaper Le Parisien interviewed the Princess in Red, including a short photoshoot of her hiding in the curtains, a-la-Speak-Now.

She explains she leaves nothing to chance: rights, image, website, CD sleeves… everything needs to go by the Queen of Sparks, who created her own company to manage her career (13 Management, her music label remains Big Machine Records). For Taylor, Country is less a matter of music and sound and more of honesty and storytelling.

The Sparkly Dressed appeared last Monday on the Leute Heute TV Show in Germany via a taped segment and interview. Go watch here.

Tay and The Agency are leaving soon for Japan. She is scheduled to appear on the Saturday Sound Studio for a special on November 24.

She also appears on the cover and pages of WebMD.

(Source: WebMD)

“I’m really proud of the record,” T-Swizzle tells the magazine, “but I’m always nervous about everything. There’s a great deal of terror that fills my mind before I do anything, really. We’re talking before an album comes out, before a photo shoot, anytime I read my name in print. There’s a huge amount of pressure and responsibility because millions of people are going to potentially spend their hard-earned money on the album, and there’s a great responsibility for the critics who will write about it, and responsibility for the girl who is going through a breakup and needs a song about what she’s feeling, and responsibility for the girl who doesn’t feel good about herself and needs a song for that, too, and I worry about saying or doing the wrong thing.” She took a breath and then said laughing. “Do you see the rabbit holes I go down?”

Here’s the Sparkly Dressed promoting the new Sony camera, NEX5R.

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The Princess in Red is scheduled to perform State of Grace on the X-Factor in Los Angeles on Thursday, November 15.

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She’s also performing at the American Music Awards on November 18. After that they’re off to Japan and Australia.

(Photo: Jean-Baptiste Quentin/Le Parisien)

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(Sources: Le Parisien, Leute HeuteWebMD)