The Sparkly Dressed and some condensed and edited interviews

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Here at the Swift Agency, one guy who knows you have different choices when you read about the Sparkly Dressed so we appreciate you choosing this site to get your news fix today, we’ve been doing this blogging thing for three years now. Thanks to all our readers for the amazing feedback! Foxborough’s Gillette Stadium two concert dates went on sale today and I heard they sold out already.

The Queen of Sparks and The Agency are in Los Angeles for the 40th Anniversary American Music Awards. The word on the street is that she will perform I Knew You Were Trouble.

The New York Times recently interviewed the Princess in Red. The first question ask why she was not on camera at the moment where Brad and Carrie did the Kennedy joke. Taylor’s answer seems rather short and dry: “They don’t pan to you if you’re not laughing.”¬†That answer, just that answer by itself, has an edge to it. T-Swizzle is very rarely confrontational. But after the article is done, a line reads:¬†Interview has been condensed and edited. That means probably Taylor did smooth that answer over a bit.¬†I was going to rant about the fact that I don’t like inaccuracy for the sake of brevity. I don’t – but I am not a newspaper with restrictions, sponsors and deadlines. I have to trust that the writer did her best conveying the answer.

Most of the rest of the interview is the usual fare of questions, but I did like how the Enchantress approached the inquiry on the meaning behind the We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together video.

You know when you watch an indie video and you‚Äôre like: ‚ÄúWhy are they underwater in upside- down chairs with a random projection of a butterfly interspersed? Why is this happening?‚ÄĚ We were trying to think of ways that we could tip our hat to the randomness of some indie music videos. Why are there woodland creatures? Nobody knows. Why am I wearing floral-print pajamas? Nobody knows. Why am I randomly wearing glasses? Nobody knows.

РTaylor Swift via The New York Times

You can read the full (albeit condensed and edited) interview at The New York Times.

On a completely different interview, The Atlantic recently posted this long piece on certain tracks from the Princess in Red’s new album that seemed inspired by the styles (no, not lyrics or tunes – no grounds for plagiarism here) of other musicians such as Leonard Cohen or Bruce Springsteen. The article deconstructs the music seriously, no silly innuendos or attempts at backstabbing. Of course anytime that a critic compares the Sparkly Dressed to someone more “serious” it draws the ire of a lot of people because God forbid someone takes Taylor seriously as a songwriter. (yes, I am being sarcastic – it’s a form of expression, look it up). Fortunately, this is one article that does consider her craft seriously by looking at the result – that is the actual music. The article is well written, but I’d skip the comment section. Available at¬†The Atlantic. Thanks to @C_Carlson for the heads up.

Here’s a piece from Music Choice’s Decoded that includes the Enchantress’ past and present. Take a look.

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Don’t forget¬†¬†the¬†40th Anniversary American Music Awards¬†tomorrow!¬†It appears from hints going around by people in the show that¬†I Knew You Were Trouble will get a live debut.

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