The 40th AMAs: The Favorite Country Female Artist was trouble when she came in

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Hello Taylor Nation,

Here at the Swift Agency, still one guy who knew she was trouble when she came in, we didn’t expect the Sparkly Dressed to cash her chips and go all in, but that’s what she did. In a move that some critics will call… you know what, screw them. She did what she does best and put on a theatrical and amazing show when she performed I Knew You Were Trouble.

Using one of her favorite things, an ornamented staircase and more dancers that she’s ever had, she put on a choreography straight out of an Andrew Webber Musical. Think Mascarade from The Phantom of the Opera. The only one wearing white was Tay. She seemed a bit stoic in the beginning. That is until an on-scene dress change (totally called it when I saw a flash of red on the side) transformed her into a Black Swan likeness but with a red corset.

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Yes, she literally lied down on the cold hard ground. Shades of Forever and Always, anyone? Although as @ChoasRising pointed out, it seemed to be a mix of Love Story meets Haunted as well.

What she gave us was a performance that will probably evolve into the actual RED Tour representation of the song. In other words, America you saw the light version of this performance. Let your mind spin around that thought for a moment.

Should I mention the RED Tour already went on sale and the dates sold out? Yeap it’s going to keep selling out if everyone can’t anticipate performances like tonight.

What else, oh she also won her nomination for Favorite Country Female Artist. Love how she seems to chase presenter Eric Stonestreet for the award before she gets to the mike. Of course, she thanked us.

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And speaking so much about I Knew You Were Trouble, here it is!

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And one sweet moment. Interviewer Eden Sher, who plays Sue Heck in ABC’s The Middle, turned out to be a diehard Swiftie. She fangirled with the Sparkly Dressed about All Too Well. Props!

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If you’re a fan you know that would be you right there. Thanks to AMAwardsVEVO and  for posting!

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We’re also glad to hear the Enchantress managed to meet a few fans before she had to rush in. She sent out someone from her team to give out guitar pics for those she couldn’t meet.

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  • The People Choice Awards (January 9) for three possible nominations: Favorite Female Artist, Favorite Country Artist and Favorite Song for We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together.
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