I Knew You Were Trouble video on location! And video footage from 8 Hours with Taylor Swift

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Hello Taylor Nation,

Here at the Swift Agency, still one guy with plenty of work to do, we’re happy that Thanksgiving is approaching. Work is finally slowing down. Speaking of Swift, if you think she’s slowing down you’re way off. The Blonde With The Sparkly Guitar won an award then performed last night at the American Music Awards. Did you see that performance? Because you really should. Just trust me. Without missing a beat, she left Nokia Theater and joined an already ready crew to start filming the video for the same single she performed last night, I Knew You Were Trouble.

In yet another departure from what we’re used to see from the Enchantress, she donned a punk look for the shoot. Wearing a leather jacket, dip dyed hair, cutoff jean shorts and converse kicks. Sporting similar clothing and do, was another actress. A stunt double? Jencita already reported a bar scene that apparently involves a bar fight, so how much Trouble are we talking about here? It’s all conjecture until we see the video which has no release date yet. More pictures at celebrity-gossip.net. Also, two shots here and here.

Behind the Scenes videos were released from the Sparkly Dressed’s 8 Hours | Taylor Swift photoshoot with Nigel Barker. Ok, it’s more like commercial footage than a true BTS video, but you probably still want to see it. No, it’s not 8 hours long.

Watch on Vimeo

Watch on Vimeo

Visit Nigel Barker’s Vimeo for other clips, but these are the only ones with T-Swizzle in them so far.

The Known Troublemaker (like it? Yes? No? Give me some feedback) has little time before she’s off to Japan. She’s expected there on November 24 to appear in a special for Saturday Sound Studio. The Agency should be on its way soon.

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(Photo: PacificCoastNewsOnline.com)

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(Sources: celebrity-gossip.netNigel Barker’s Vimeo)

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