This Just In: The Queen of Sparks arrives in Japan


Konichiwa Taylor Nation,

Here at the Swift Agency, still just a guy who’s still waking at odd hours to see where in the world the Sparkly Dressed is, we’re glad to report she arrived safe and sound at Narita International Airport just east ot Tokyo, Japan.

According to the Princess in Red (wearing blue and brown) arrived carrying her custom Baby Taylor guitar.

The Enchantress just wrapped up her shoot for the I Knew You Were Trouble music video. She’s expected to appear in a special for Saturday Sound Studio on November 24. The Agency arrived some days earlier and was warmly welcomed at the airport. Hope someone is filming their adventures and we get a mini video blog later 🙂

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  • The People Choice Awards (January 9) for three possible nominations: Favorite Female Artist, Favorite Country Artist and Favorite Song for We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together.

Bonus pic! Grant Mickelson just tweeted this picture of Al Wilson and Amos J. Heller trading instruments. Maybe they’re just kidding around until Taylor arrives, but I’m sure they could kill it just the same.

(Photo: Grant Mickelson)

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    1. I’m going to guess you check flights coming from the US, some camp out and word of mouth travels once someone hears she’s on her way.

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