Videopalooza: Grammy Noms concert, Ed’s phone call, Ripple of Hope speech and Tay on Nova CM

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Here at the Swift Agency, just a guy who gave up on playing video games or having a good night’s sleep a long time ago, we often enough hold back on releasing a post because we’re waiting for that critical video clip. However, sometimes I just have to post without it because other news are coming down the pipe. When that happens the video usually ends up appearing later. Enter videopalooza, which is basically a smorgasbord of videos that you might have missed. Perhaps I’ll turn it into a feature.

The Grammy Nominations Concert in Nashville (December 5, 2012): The parts with T-Swizzle and LL Cool J.

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Ed Sheeran on Katie: He talks about the Sparkly Dressed, then gets a surprise phone call.

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Ripple of Hope Speech: A clip of Taylor’s acceptance speech. I actually did find this one earlier, but it’s cellphone quality.

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Bonus: Another clip from the same speech where Tay is talking about sharks and going in the water at Cape Cod.

Taylor Swift on Nova FM: This one is from her promotion mini-tour in Australia. Here’s her hilarious reaction to an impromptu performance of one of her hits.

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Bonus! Watch her funny story about Ed Sheeran and a trampoline and if you want more, her explanation of the phrase an indie record that is much cooler than mine.

Thanks to SwiftVideoSource, Martin Cox, Trevor Donovan, and Nova FM for posting!

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(Photo: Ed Rode/FilmMagic)
(Photo: Ed Rode/FilmMagic)

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