Showcase: The Princess in Red’s acoustic performances from the RED hangout!

Hello Taylor Nation!

Here at the Swift Agency, just one guy who’s getting stressed during the holidays like everyone else, we think that the Enchantress saw that we’re doing the showcase posts and wanted to chip in. Yeah suuure – I’m kidding. It’s just an incredible coincidence that finally we get to hear the first ever performances that some lucky Swifties heard but had to keep quiet until the singles were released. Let’s go the video!

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Thanks to… well, Taylor Swift¬†for posting! ūüôā

The Sparkly Dressed was nominated for the World Music Awards¬†that happen on Miami, Florida on December 22. She has six awards: World’s Best Album, Song, Video, Female Artist, Live Act and Entertainer of the Year. No, I had no clue these awards existed either. They’re based in Monaco, and “conducted under the patronage of Albert II, Prince of Monaco”. According to Wikipedia,¬†the show acts as a charity for the Monaco Aide and Presence Foundation, which benefits underdeveloped areas mainly in Africa, Asia, Eastern Europe and Brazil.

(Photo: Sarah Barlow for 13 Management)
(Photo: Sarah Barlow for 13 Management)

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(Source: Taylor Swift via YouTube)

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  1. Wow these World Music Awards sure encompass a lot of artists and genres. Voted for Taylor in all nominated categories….you gotta hit ‘show more’ in some of them to find her. ūüôā

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