Fan Spotlight: Natalie Glenn Hill’s bucket list

(Source: Natalie Hill Updates)
(Source: Natalie Hill Updates)

Hello Taylor Nation!

Every once in a while, a story comes along that feels like you’ve heard it a hundred times. The sad truth is you have and you haven’t. There are always fans wishing to meet the Blonde With The Sparkly Guitar and quite a few of them are going through more than you and I can consider bearable. All of these fans, all of these sparkles, they all deserve meeting her.

There’s a few that have a shorter window of opportunity than you and me. Every one of them is different and I’d hate to become that person that disregards them as part of a lot. I can’t bring them all to everybody’s attention so it’s rare for me to actually address one of those heartbreaking stories. But sometimes, for whatever reason, I do.

Natalie Glenn Hill is your regular 16 year old girl who loves sports. She was diagnosed with Osteosarcoma, a form of bone cancer. She’s fighting it tooth and nail. As someone who has been told she doesn’t have a long time to live, she has a bucket list with several items. There’s one in particular that concerns the Taylor Nation: Meet Taylor Swift. As much as this story will sound familiar to you from others, remember this is not a movie or a book. This is someone’s life.

(Source: Natalie Hill Updates)
(Source: Natalie Hill Updates)

My name is Natalie Glenn Hill. I was born on December 15th, 1995. Therefore I am 16. I love sports; basketball, cross country, soccer and track.

On July 1st, 2010, I found out I had a tumor in my left thigh, above my knee. I went to the doctor due to months of knee pain. I then went to Shriners Hospital for Children, in Portland, where I had a biopsy. It was then determined a malignant (cancerous) bone tumor, osteosarcoma. I had chemo at Doernbechers Childrens Hospital also in Portland.

On September 28th, 2010, I had a rare surgery called a rotationplasty to remove the tumor. The surgery consisted of taking out the tumor by removing most of my thigh then taking my lower part of my leg, rotating it 180 degrees then attaching it to the little of my thigh that was left. My left ankle is now the same height as my right knee and can be used as a knee. You probably don’t understand, nobody usually does. I chose to have this surgery. My other option was to have a complete knee replacement. With that surgery, my physical activity would have been limited; no running, jumping or anything to possibly break the artificial knee. With the rotation I can do anything I want to. I finished chemo at Doernbechers in February, at this time 3 lesions were in lungs. I had these removed.

I went back to Portland on 9/27/2011 to find out that there are more lesions in my lungs, they dont want to operate again because they are too deep and would come back again. I have been told that they my life is coming to an end, and that we are just trying to prolong life and make sure it has good quality. My family and I are looking into other options, other less known treatments that may possibly save my life.

– Natalie Hill via Natalie Hill Updates

If you can help, contact Pam Connelly through Millicoma School, or visit the Facebook page Natalie Hill Updates. Donations can be sent through the Coos Bay Rotary Club to Coos Foundation FBO Natalie Hill, P.O. Box 1344, Coos Bay, OR 97420 or drop checks off at 467 Golden Ave., Coos Bay. You can also read her site at Team Natalie.

For more on the story, read the original articles on Oregon Outdoors and The Register Guard.

The Queen of Sparks will take the stage at the 55th Grammy Awards live on February 10 on CBS. She has three Grammy nominations: Record of the Year for We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together, Best Country Duo/Group Performance with The Civil Wars and Best Song Written For Visual Media both for Safe and Sound also with The Civil Wars.

Coming up on the Calendar!

  • January 13: The 70th Golden Globes Awards air on NBC. Taylor Swift and The Civil Wars are nominated for Original Song for Safe and Sound. Taylor will be attending.
  • Jan 24: Taylor Swift attends Spain’s Los Premios 40 Principales. She’s expected to take the stage and nominated for the non-Spanish international category.
  • Feb. 5: Tim McGraw’s album Two Lanes of Freedom is released. Includes the track Highway Don’t Care featuring Taylor Swift and Keith Urban.
  • Feb. 9: Charity Lynne Baroni‘s Birthday.

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