The Cutting Room Floor: It’s a rant! It’s an editorial! No… it’s rumor control.

(Photo: AKM Images / GSI Media)
(Photo: AKM Images / GSI Media)

Next chapter Taylor Nation,

Here at the Swift Agency, just a guy who has no things to mail back and he still walks home alone, we know it’s award season and the 70th Golden Globes Awards are coming up so it’s hardly the time for a rant/editorial/rumor control piece. However, if I start questioning when inspiration strikes I fear I might lose the drive to write altogether. So, I’m writing one.

It seems it’s open season in all media to take shots at the Sparkly Dressed. We’ve been here before. They use the lyrics from one of her popular songs that usually they’ll claim to death they don’t know and then they make some ridiculous claim while using vague language. In an exercise of self indulgence, one site quotes the other turning what was allegation into confirmation and the rumor builds onto itself. Basically someone makes up the rumor and the others go “would it be true?” while they’re essentially just propagating them.

Truth? You don’t know what you don’t know. Nobody knows what happens between two people behind closed doors and no “unnamed source closed to the star” knows either. If the original source is the Sun, Page Six of the New York Post or the National Enquirer, I’m going to go with F-A-K-E. Don’t get me started on the Gerez Milton hypocrite approach to “friendship” where he puts up a video defending Taylor but his site has been posting up the worst possible made up garbage about her.

Bring on the pretenders… No, the song (or songs, according to the fake news there are five now) that leaked were not written by Taylor or sung by her. I don’t want to go into a writing rant here, but they were not written by a professional songwriter. Or even a writer to begin with. Songwriting can’t skip over composition, structure and command of language. I know prose is more my thing while Taylor is the poetry expert but I can still tell a verse apart from  just words thrown in together for the sake of rhyming.

T-Swizzle will take the stage at the 55th Grammy Awards live on February 10 on CBS. Her three Grammy nominations are: Record of the Year for We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together, Best Country Duo/Group Performance with The Civil Wars and Best Song Written For Visual Media both for Safe and Sound with The Civil Wars.

Coming this Sunday, January 13, the Queen of Sparks will attend the 70th Golden Globes Awards. She and The Civil Wars are nominated for Original Song for Safe and Sound. She has also been nominated for International Female Solo Artist for the BRIT Awards 2013 that take place Wednesday, February 20.


Coming up on the Calendar!

  • January 13: The 70th Golden Globes Awards air on NBC. Taylor Swift and The Civil Wars are nominated for Original Song for Safe and Sound. Taylor will be attending.
  • Jan 24: Taylor Swift attends Spain’s Los Premios 40 Principales. She’s expected to take the stage and nominated for the non-Spanish international category.
  • Feb. 5: Tim McGraw’s album Two Lanes of Freedom is released. Includes the track Highway Don’t Care featuring Taylor Swift and Keith Urban.
  • Feb. 9: Charity Lynne Baroni‘s Birthday.


4 thoughts on “The Cutting Room Floor: It’s a rant! It’s an editorial! No… it’s rumor control.

  1. Amen, brother, especially about the false friend Gerez Milton. I don’t believe anything he writes any more. Two faced and MEAN. We’re listening to you, TheSwiftAgency. Keep us in the light.

  2. Good rant!

    I agree the worst offender is Pez. Another is Bonnie Fuller. They both talk out of both sides of their mouth. Slinging BS with as wide a brush as possible and seeing what sticks. All the gossip sites have been calling Taylor prude and promiscuous in the same breath while siting unnamed “sources” allegedly close to her. I have to think anyone having Taylor’s confidence to the degree that they know what went on would not be betraying her to the vultures of the gossip rags.

    Anyway, last 31 seconds of the Seattle, Atlanta game. Gotta go …

  3. Well said!!!! I’ve found it heartbreaking to read half the drivel and comments on Taylor over the past couple of months.People who should know better are putting forth their uninformed opinion as if it is their right to do so and I’m hard pushed to turn the other cheek. Luckily I see the example Taylor sets as she remains classy and above it all, and I attempt to do the same. The hosts of the Golden Globes have lost me forever in what I saw as a mean spirited, cruel, objectionable and callous attack. I expected better!! As for Gerez Milton, he’s showing the true measure of the person he is and it’s not a flattering picture.

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