Review Corner: Betsy Lane’s 10 Months Ago EP on iTunes

(Source: Betsy Lane via iTunes)
(Source: Betsy Lane via iTunes)

Hello music lovers,

Once in a while, I like to see what’s going on with other country artists. I don’t recall who in Twitter was the first one to start talking about Betsy Lane. The fact that I can’t tell since a lot of them are following her at this point speaks volumes.

I took a listen to the Nashville native’s EP 10 Months Ago on iTunes and the truth is I was hooked from the first notes. Betsy has an amazing voice and the lyrics and the music are superb quality. 10 Months Ago is a great song, but the other tunes are worth the EP as well. I’d say have a listen to Time On You. Great songwriting there.

Here’s a YouTube preview of Time On You:

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You can read more on Betsy Lane at and purchase her EP on iTunes. You can also find her on Twitter @BetsyLaneMusic and Facebook.

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  1. I love all of the songs on Betsy Lane’s 10 Months Ago EP on iTunes. Her voice is pure and the lyrics are meaningful. It was a purchase on iTunes that I’m glad I made!

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