The Princess in Red is expected to attend the NRJ Music Awards in Cannes, France

(Photo: Taylor Swift)
(Photo: Taylor Swift)

Ça va Taylor Nation?

Here at the Swift Agency, still a guy who likes to double check his sources, we always knew we’ll be breaking all our rules for the Sparkly Dressed. I haven’t been able to secure a 100% confirmation from NRJ directly (although there is a Facebook post on one of its pages) but it seems Taylor is due for a visit to France. Currently, she’s somewhere in LA.

According to @TSFrance on Twitter who runs the site, the Enchantress is expected to attend the NRJ Music Awards 2013 that takes place in Cannes, France on January 26.  She’s not scheduled to perform or have any announced nominations.

On other news, there’s a private concert by NRJ in Paris to which you can’t buy tickets for… ok this sucks?  Apparently the Queen of Sparks will perform there on January 28. Not too thrilled about these super-private concerts idea… This is another one that is being kept so quiet that I can’t find anything on it, but apparently they ran a contest to win tickets and a trip to Paris on NJR en Belgique’s Facebook Page. Sorry, the contest seems to be closed.

A shoutout to @TSFrance and for helping me out. Merci beaucoup! 🙂

The show from Spain’s network Antena 3, El Hormiguero, will have the Queen of Sparks on Wednesday, January 23. She will talk to host Pablo Motos. She’s not scheduled to perform.

Taylor Swift is expected to attend  Spain’s award ceremony for Los Premios 40 Principales. She’s expected to perform and nominated in the non-Spanish International Category. Apparently the first date was correct and Antena 3 just had the wrong information. Los Premios 40 take place on January 24 at the Palacio de Deportes in Madrid, Spain.


Coming up on the Calendar!

  • January 23: Taylor Swift appears in the Spain’s network Antena 3 show El Hormiguero.
  • January 24: Taylor Swift attends Spain’s Los Premios 40 Principales. She’s expected to take the stage and nominated for the non-Spanish International Category.
  • January 26: The NRJ Music Awards 2013 takes place in Cannes, France. Taylor Swift is expected to attend.
  • January 28: NRJ private concert in Paris, France.

(Sources: TaylorSwiftFrance.comNRJ via Facebook)