Review Corner: Mallary Hope, Daughter Of The South

(Source: Mallary Hope)
(Source: Mallary Hope)

Hello Mallary Hope fans!

Here at the Swift Agency, just a guy who started a blogging experiment more than three years ago, we’ve never being able to quite stop writing. Although I started the blog with the idea of blogging about The Agency and the Sparkly Dressed, there’s one artist that was so talented that I had to dare writing about as well: Mallary Hope. She wouldn’t be the last, but she will always be the first one.

It’s been a while since we’ve heard from the talented and beautiful songstress from Cohutta. Luck was on my side recently as I entered a contest for an autographed CD. Big shoutout to @MallaryHopeFan! 🙂

If you follow me on Twitter you’ve probably noticed that I’ve been trying to get this CD somehow, someway, anyway possible for a while. It’s not a studio album, but a CD that is for sale at the merch stand where the Hopester performs.

The CD contains five unreleased songs, which I am not unfamiliar with, but still I’ve never had these quality versions.

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    Daughter Of The South is the opening salvo. It’s a perfect example of much more impulsive, in-your-face, song style that makes no excuses about who she is. At the same time, it feels like an artist that has grown without forgetting her roots. With this song, Mal seems to be ready for the big stage but she’ll bring the South with her.

  • She Gets My Life is a very heart breaking song about the one that got away. The song is not about an attempt of reconciliation. It’s a nostalgic song about a love that is gone. There’s a very visceral tone in the chorus that pulls at the heartstrings. It’s very hard to hear this song without thinking about past loves, but at the same time you can’t stop but listening to it.
  • Boomerang is about the guy who’s been sneaking around. It’s very much in the lyrics here. She doesn’t call him names, she doesn’t tell him off, she just plainly tells him he’s only in love with himself. It’s a lot more of the agressive style, but Mal is not here to scratch his car or tp his house. She’s just letting him know he’s going to end up alone. It’s raw honesty with a killer rhythm.
  • Black Widow is my new favorite song (so far) from the Hopester. This is a very carefully weaved masterpiece of songwriting both in lyrics and music. The guitar seems to be carefully enveloping in a web, almost to the point that it can make your skin crawl. I’d venture to say this is the song which you buy entire albums for and the performance that makes the concert ticket price worthwhile by itself.
  • You Don’t Know Me is, ironically enough, the song in which Mallary Hope introduces herself in a new light with attitude. There’s sweet and bitter here. It’s quite an independent song that reveals a new side to her. Or in her own words: Lemme introduce myself, I’m strong as steel and tough as nails.

It’s a bit cruel to highly recommend an album that is not widely available, but if you ever have the chance to listen to Mallary sing, don’t hesitate and do it. There will be a time you’ll hear these tunes and more in a stage near you.

Mallary Hope CD

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