Review Corner: Charity Lynne Baroni’s Tip Toe Lullaby

(Source: iTunes)
(Source: iTunes)

Hello Taylor Nation,

Charity Lynne Baroni has put out a single through iTunes and CD Baby. The track is called Tip Toe Lullaby. It’s an ambient melody, very soothing and with a cool jazz-flavored instrumental background.

Charity has been a recurring dancer for Taylor for a long time, appearing in her music videos for You Belong With Me, Fearless, Story of Us and Sparks Fly. She has also appeared in Beyonce’s video for Who Run The World and The Guild’s Game On. More recently, she has appeared on TV as a dancer in the Nashville TV series on ABC.

She also participated in Dance Wars: Bruno vs Carrie Ann, the same show where fellow Fearless Dance Crew member Lacey Mason and The Agency’s Elizabeth Huett were contestants.

This is what she says in her album notes for Tip Toe Lullaby:

I started writing poems and lyrics when I was about 8 years old. I’ve always been a very deep thinker and feeler, and the only way I ever felt like I could process all of these deep thoughts and emotions, was through writing. I have journals upon journals full of words upon words of emotion. Lately, I decided to put some of these more recent words to music. So, with a lot of vulnerability, I shall now share some of me with you!

– Charity Lynne Baroni via CD Baby

You can learn more about Char on her own Agency Profile: Charity Lynne Baroni. She’s also on Twitter @ChaeLynne. Coincidentally, her birthday is coming up on February 9.

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(Sources: iTunesCD Baby)