News Update: The Princess in Red arrives in Nice, France and her EFE Interview

Saludos Taylor Nation ūüôā

Here at the Swift Agency, just another regular guy who blogs about Taylor and pays ninjas with cake, we hear the Queen of Sparks has arrived safe and sound in Nice, France. You can read the original story and look at more pictures at GossipCenter. The Enchantress will attend and perform at the NRJ Music Awards 2013 on January 26 on Cannes.

Earlier this week she spoke with Spanish news agency EFE while in Madrid, Spain. Let’s go to the video:

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The Blonde With The Sparkly Guitar will take the stage at the 55th Grammy Awards live on February 10 on CBS. She has three nominations: Record of the Year for We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together, Best Country Duo/Group Performance with The Civil Wars and Best Song Written For Visual Media both for Safe and Sound with The Civil Wars.


Coming up on the Calendar!

  • January 26:¬†The NRJ Music Awards 2013¬†takes place in Cannes, France. Taylor Swift is expected to attend.
  • January 28:¬†Taylor is expected to perform at the¬†NRJ private concert in Paris, France.
  • February 5:¬†Tim McGraw‚Äôs album¬†Two Lanes of Freedom¬†is released. Includes the track¬†Highway Don‚Äôt Care¬†featuring Taylor Swift and Keith Urban.
  • February 9:¬†Charity Lynne Baroni‚Äės Birthday.

(Sources: EFE, GossipCenter)

2 thoughts on “News Update: The Princess in Red arrives in Nice, France and her EFE Interview

  1. I really liked this particular interview, even though it was pretty short and everything. I don’t know, she just seemed so relaxed and calm and aware of who she is. I might be overreacting,but you know, lately in so many interviews, people asked her the same things over and over and many gossippy sites brainwash you to think that she’s, quite frankly… calculating. For me it was nice to see her so serene and to be reminded of what a nice, mature person she is-and subsequently, why I love her.

  2. Wow that was a nice clip, wish it had been longer! She looked and sounded fabulous and definitely mature and thoughtful. .

    Taylor doesn’t follow anyone elses rules and nor should she, her fashion taste is evolving as she is and these recent award show outings are not the first time she’s displayed a little fashion daring as much as the media would like to make us think so. I think she rarely makes a mis-step.

    I feel (and hope) that the recent explosion of, for want of a better word, “Taylor-fatigue” is on the wane, and hopefully people will start to see who she really is and realise that not everything you read about Taylor is 100% accurate…infact most of it, beyond spelling her name correctly is invented, twisted, exaggerated and perhaps 10% factual.

    Obviously there have been changes and experiences that she’s been through lately that I wish she could have been spared, but never has my opinion of her or fondness for her wavered.

    Long Live Taylor

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