The BRIT Awards 2013 Swiftlist: What you need to know tonight (or today)

(Photo: Carter Smith; Styled by Joe Zee for ELLE magazine)
(Photo: Carter Smith; Styled by Joe Zee for ELLE magazine)

Hello Taylor Nation,

Here at the Swift Agency, still a guy who wishes he was covering the BRIT Awards 2013, I’m afraid I’ll be in the middle of my workday and will only be able to steal a few glances to the proceedings on the official BRIT Awards Twitter. The Sparkly Dressed is attending. She is nominated for International Female Solo Artist.

The BRIT Awards 2013 will be broadcasted tonight in the UK on ITV1 and HD ITV1 live from the O2 Arena in London, England at 8pm local time. The Blonde With The Sparkly Guitar will be performing the closing number, which is rumored to   have a darker look than her GRAMMY performance. That doesn’t mean it will be sinister or anything, just that the colors of the spectrum will tend towards black and red, however the Princess in Red is always ready to try something new. Like I’ve learned over the years, don’t try to second guess the Queen of Sparks. She’ll prove you wrong every time. She is the last performer.

In case you’re wondering 8pm London time (GMT – Greenwich Mean Time) is 3pm Eastern Time (Montreal / New York City). Live updates will be available on the official Facebook page, Tumblr site and official Twitter account. According to International Business Times, the show will be streamed on YouTube BUT I’m not ready to believe that – I don’t see an official confirmation of that anywhere. The only thingI found from their Facebook description is that the YouTube channel will have “up to the minute insider’s guide to the night.” At best, that means backstage interviews. Nevertheless, here is the YouTube channel.

Watch on YouTube

The red carpet starts at 7pm GMT on ITV1 and HD ITV1.

2013-BRIT-AwardsComing up on the Calendar!

  • February 20: Taylor is nominated for International Female Solo Artist for the BRIT Awards 2013. She will be performing the closing number.
  • February 22: Taylor Swift appears on BBC One’s The Graham Norton Show.
  • February 26: Caitlin Evanson‘s Birthday.
  • March 13: The RED Tour begins.

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  1. The red carpet isn’t on ITV1 its on ITV2 I know this because I live in Ireland and will be watching the Red carpet and the awards show

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